Balance Updates Coming with Uprising!

… convert exotic matter into a particle stream directed with locally generated entropic force … The particle stream generates thermal and explosive reactions on impact, and the entropic forces resolve into a localized gravitational conduit that steadily increases the acceleration on the exotic particles. …


Highly flexible and a master of none. Right now, the only Amarr battleship with good turret DPS other than Paladin (in bastion) and Redeemer(lol) is the Abaddon. Abaddon is however an extremely cap hungry brick which severely limits its usability. The Nightmare is a joke, and needs a complete rebuild from scratch.

This is a missed opportunity to give Amarr just one laser battleship that is generally useful.

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property bonused Amarr ships are not ass. They are just few and far between and often long train times.

Cap reduction bonus is still dogshit, especially when lasers are not even close to being OP.

You reply to this 8 days later?

Also, Amarr ships are cap heavy. That doesn’t make them ass. It just makes your knowledge and skill sets using them ass.

Actually lasers are very ■■■■■■■ good, try small beams vs arty vs rails the lasers have much more damage tracking and range on smaller ships, I don’t really fly medium ships so cant say there.

Great changes all round recently CCP thank you, it would be amazing if you could allow the triglavian LP store to sell the same sub-cap components that already have the capital components available, these sub-capital components have no blueprints available and have created an unbalanced market, it would be even better if you introduced the blueprints to manufacture the Tech II triglavian components, hopefully this post reaches the developers as I’m sure many other players are wondering when more triglavian industry aspects will be added to new Eden.

I am a true fan of EVE, thank you truly to all the developers on the amazing job you are all doing :heart: