Ban gila & ishtar from T6 Electric Abyss

,due savety classivications the choosen ship cant enter the weathertype electric filament"


-because the frikin t6 electric filament prieces are such high it not worths to fly other ships in it

-if just ships like vaga, sac, cerb and other ships that can do electric would gain acess to eelctric the prieces would drop because of the higher difficulty (hopefuly)

-i finaly can fly a phantasm in electric without getting broke

Be the change you want to see: don’t run electricals!

Also artificial ship bans just because someone doesn’t like the market prices: just no. -_-


What happened to CCP’s grand boasts about that they’d make these sites hard to predict, and would constantly work on them, adjust them and change them if one filament or a ship meta became too dominant or too easy to use? I wonder … :thinking:

well, if anything is predictable than that the type of abyssals that offer a HUGE bonus to combat abilities (aka capacitor for fitting overwhelming tank while making you almost immune to neutralizing) will be used by the most people and therefore the filaments will cost the most and the rewards will be the least valuable. because they are by far the easies to fit a ship for. guess what, thats electricals.

they should just change the electrical bonus to “50% capacitor warfare resistance” instead and magically all the ships that can now easy-peasy fly them become as difficult to fit with a huge permatank as for all the other sites.

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That would be something you’d expect them to do when they say they continuously monitor and adjust these sites.

Abyssal are definitely the most random pve activity (that I know of) in Eve. Security missions, combat anomalies, all combat oriented events, etc. They are all detailed, room by room, on different web sites (Eve Uni wiki being the most popular I think). Abyssals ARE hard to predict. The higher you go in tier, the more random it gets because there is possibilities for more and more combinations of NPCs, EWAR, clouds, etc.

Think about risk/eward: if some people say electricals are too easy, but then “everyone” run them and the filaments cost go up, it becomes low risk/low reward, as you would expect. Thus, it is working.

Be one who sell T6 electrical instead of one who buy them.

And I’ve only run a Gila in T3 Firestorm so far (as I’ve made a fit for Alpha), but I mostly run in Assault Frigates, and I have no intention in running electrical in T0 and T3 and up. And I don’t get mad at the electrical filament price because I simply sell them. That’s my higher reward for running cheaper but more difficult filaments that people get rid of to cheap buy orders.

If most people run them in easy, effortless ships, it’s irrelevant if they are the most random PVE activity. They are predictable, easy to solve, have been solved completely, and are now farmed in a way that does not align with the original purpose of these sites. Nor does CCP’s inaction towards making these sites unpredictable and to prevent overly easy farming of these sites align with their boastful claims that these sites should be unpredictable and hard to farm en masse, as they claimed in the beginning.

Abyssals originally were also introduced to give other ships a good usage chance, like Sacrileges, Vagas, Deimoses. But that goal was thrown out of the window together with the bathtub very quickly by CCP. Abyssals nowadays are nothing but easy to farm (because fully solved), highly predictable, perfectly safe PVE farming in high sec with rewards that do not align with the risk and predictability.

Well, that does not apply to T5 and T6 (except electricals maybe, can’t judge these because I don’t run them). There are still pockets where you are simply dead when making just one wrong decision on target priority or movement direction, even in a max-blinged out fit with HG-implantset. They may be quite rare, given how strong these blinged ships are, but a loss also is quite expensive and to gank these ships is always worth the effort.

And that needs to happen more in Electricals. And/Or Electrical buffs/debuffs need to be reworked so that they are not as easy to run as they currently are, as you suggested above. I have been seeing people complain about the Death Sentence rooms but these are exactly the things that make Abyss such a risky endeavor. If they don’t happen as often in Electricals or are easier to manage or if you can just run Electricals so efficiently that an occasional Death Sentence room won’t hurt as much as it should, this needs to change. If these rooms and the general nature of other filaments feel more punishing and riskier, Electricals need to become just like them.

from playing around with PyFa it just seems that you can run electricals in
a) cheaper fits, because you can fit way more tank instead of cap modules, so losses don’t hurt as much
b) you can easily overtank your ship so so two sources for sudden death are eliminated by default (pure DPS and energy neutralizing)

If the bonus was changed to +50% capacitor warfare resistance it would only benefit you in pockets where lots of neut pressure is present, but not in all other pockets and it would require you to make the same fitting compromises like in all other types of abyss.

But, maybe CCP just wants this one type of abyssal that is easier to fly but has high filament costs and lower average reward values as result.

That’s what it looks like, although it appears to be quite illogical. Why should this only be the case for one filament and not 2 or 3? That would allow different ships to farm in the same kind of easy environment with lower risk/lower rewards and would be in much more in line with CCP’s original claims and communicated goals.

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