Banking in EVE

I’ll do that next time I see a runner-up wear one.



… What?

You have a very strange notion of what a ‘scam’ is.

Any offer made in bad faith with intent to deceive for self-enrichment is a scam. The victim of the scam (and yes, they are victims, as they suffered a financial injury due to the scam) may have been soliciting an investment opportunity, or may have been offered it unexpectedly in a targeted or general manner, it doesn’t matter, the act of intentional deception for profit is still scamming the victim out of their money.

Awesome. This game never ceases to amaze me

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Great idea! I’ll go ahead and start it up right now!

I am formally announcing the grand opening of the Bank Of New Eden! Our CEO (and CSM front-runner) Hellokittyonline will be managing the entire BONEDEN operation and has already opened an account for everyone!

Please send all isk that you wish to deposit into your bank account to Hellokittyonline. You will receive a confirmation EvE-mail with your bank account number!


UPDATE: Account numbers will be sent through a SECURE BONEDEN CONTRACT.


You shouldn’t send account numbers through the mail, as it’s very unsecure. I recommend creating a contract with a container renamed with the needed information.

Okay, I will update the policy.

There could be a way to do advanced financial transactions in Eve. The trick is enforcement.

Suppose CCP created a way to take out loans, and if the borrower (character to whom trust is extended) failed to pay off their debt on time. Then that entire char’s corp and alliance is now red blinky to everyone, essentially criminals by way of crimewatch. This remains until the debt is paid, or six months.

If I were to deposit iskies in your bank, will you confirm that your bank will invest my deposited iskies and double my investment. Or will you just take all the deposited iskies and jump into the nearest wormhole with our cash never to be seen or heard of again lol. I know that a group of very affluent Eve players do lend each other hundreds of billions if not trillions, but it’s not for the common players. Interest is paid back and all loans are re-paid.

The hell you ppl even do with all that ISK. I mean, a loki, an astero, and an Orca for mobile base you’re all set.

You can never have enough ISK.

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If you ever need more money, just pretend to be a cute Asian girl. Works every time.


How to bank in EvE.

Lean really hard to port or starboard in your gaming chair.

–Helpful Gadget


Or tritanium. I cant figure out tho how the thingy deal says gistum a-type invul worth 600m but when you reprocess 30 of them to build another venture it’s only like 50k worth of minerals. Thats counterintuitive.

Because it only contains 100,00isk worth of materials?

this was a thing back in the day there was a corp that did it along time ago but as far as i know no one does it theys days to much distrust and way to much back stabing for it to work anymore.

The cost of a Gistum A-type invul isnt tied to its mineral worth, its tied to its scarcity.

If you buy a Patek Phillippe watch, it will cost you $100,000 dollars. But if you melt the watch down into its raw metals, the metals probably only cost around $500, if that.

So why are Patek Phillippe watches so expensive if its raw materials only cost like 500 dollars?

Youre paying for the craftsmanship, the detail, the rarity of the watch.

I use my random billions to speculate on the market depending on the memes I see on r/eve.

The problem with banking in EVE is HOW TO make it profitable?

In real life it took hundreds of years to put together complex instruments that makes a bank profitable.

First it was money transfers, moving currency from Florence to Paris or Orleans was dangerous. Why move money when a bank would just deduct (withdraw) against your account but keep the money in both locations?

Problem: money transfers is risk free in EVE.

Second was exchange rates, currencies had different values and therefore held risk. A bank could consolidate that risk.

Problem: there’s only one currency in EVE and its value is well known. No risk.

Third: loans, a loan was given to an entity to make more money than the value of the loan.

Problem and opportunity: here is one of the few ways a loan in EVE could be profitable. Problem is how to determine the money was well spent. The bank doesn’t care. It uses the carrot and stick method of management. But EVE players often don’t know where their money is coming from and have many sources. Regardless if the loan is repaid if A LOAN DOES NOT RESULT IN PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES THEN THE LOAN IS A NET LOSS AND WE ALL LOSE.

How do I explain that problem to the layman?

If I loan money to someone and they take the money and what they do with it results in less money and they pay back the loan successfully never knowing that because they made up the difference from other sources…the result is we ALL now have less money.

So the lack of accounting in EVE is a huge problem.