Hi, I had created another account and bought the Omega clone and then I immediately went to purchase the 99$ plex package and was consequently banned for some unknown reason. They said I was in Breach of EULA, and that it was also pending investigation this actually happened twice on 2 seperate occassion with 2 new accounts and I want to know why I was banned for buying plex’s off of the eve-online website. if anybody can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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Definitely submit a support ticket. Nobody here is going to be able to help you. But something is obviously going wrong and flagging your accounts.


Not using a vpn are you?


Could also be the volume of purchases, making multiple $100 purchases is going to look a tad suspect to the billing system, but as mentioned, contact support who can better answer this question


Damn. I’m glad I ran into this post, I was thinking about doing that. Not purchasing a new character, but the $99 plex package, now I most definetly won’t.

One of the things that couldflag you is since you purchased a brand new toon, that character could have been previously used for botting, ghost training, or something in the past. Even if the KB is clear that doesn’t mean anything. Without a full API and checking into all transactions, for example do the contracts or trades either made or received look suspicious ?

Or even if the toon was used as part of a bot mining fleet or something, you just never know.

I believe the OP is actually saying that he subbed from Alpha clone to Omega clone.

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Well, either way, no going omega from alpha and no buying plex til this is cleared up.

I’d say contact customer support and wait for their reply, but this part sounds fishy. You already bought $99 worth of PLEX from CCP and got your account banned, so instead of letting the holy fire of customer rage rain down onto CCP support, you make another new account and buy again?

Sounds like you aren’t telling us the whole story.



But anyway, if your story is the truth, contatc the support via ticket. I have to say that they always helped me when I had problems.

I see something very bad happening. Banned characters being sold to unsuspecting players who are then banned and lose the ISK.

Those who were banned because of the bots to begin with should have their IP addresses to sent to an agency such as Interpol to track such people as being potential front men for terror organizations.

Can a banned character be sold using the only legimate way there is to buy a char?

That’s a bit far reaching isn’t it? I mean it would be kind of cool in a fked up way if that was true, but I think the baddies still make more money with drugs, guns and prostitution, not to mention the worst of all crimes: regular business, to fund their bat sh*t crazy causes.


It’s just excuses from banned people as to why it happened. (pro tip, it never was their own fault).

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No, banned accounts get the characters locked to them, you can even get chars locked on accounts that only got temp bans.

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Afaik, suspended/banned account characters cannot be transferred using character transfer service.

They can however, illegally, in violation of TOS/EULA and IRL law, be transferred just by giving someone else the login/password. (Potentially involving RMT or EVE asset transfer as payment).

CCP stated there has been a huge problem with login/password/email hacked accounts as well (though not sourced from any database leak/hack on CCPs part).

People responding to Dryson’s posts in a serious matter.

Now I am not sure which one of of you needs to get checked …


That’s what I thought, OP sounds like someone who RMTed a char.

The stance from CCP on that matter is clear and OP said himself that he has had a regular char before, so it is to assume that he knows the rules.

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Is there a data base of banned accounts that subscribers can check to see if the account is banned before even considering purchasing a password for an account?

Do you have experience with buying accounts Dryson?
Because if you have such experience you better go and report yourself to CCP to sort this out as accounts are not transferable and if you do that anyway you violate the EULA and will get banhammered.


This would constitute RMT. Purchasing accounts are against EULA as such would warrent a ban.

You should NEVER buy account information from anyone, not only do you not know what you are getting and have no way of knowing if it was used in “illegal” activites (therefor been banned).

i’ve heard of a player who received a free account , subbed and played it , training that char for two years , before ccp caught up with him and banned the account .