The forums aren’t the place to discuss bans, it’s actually against the rules to do so.

You need to submit your evidence to CCP via a ticket, they are the only people that can do anything.

I filled out the ticket and sent it, but 20 days passed without any response.
my accounts all Omega

Contract 500 PLEX to me and I can investigate the matter.

I can imagine that this must be very frustrating, but you just have to wait. CCP can be slow. Posting in the forums will absolutely not help your case.

Macro use and bans can stake time to investigate, 20 days is not unusual. I suggest updating your ticket asking for a response; however the forums isn’t the place to do that.

Can I delete a post in the forum?

Edit your post, delete everything there

Click the three dots below your post and then the flag icon, put in your reason and an ISD moderator will remove the thread for you, alternatively click the trashcan icon and it’ll delete the post but not the thread.


Support is the only way to assist you for these sorts of matters. I’ll be closing this thread now.

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