New Player just got Banned?

made my acc on the 11th did tutorial quest chain flew to the agent i chose taking the yellow jump gates and then docked at the place the agent was at and ive been in there the whole time as ive been googling and watching youtube guides and stuff and i bought plex for $20 before dinner went to dinner came back bought $500 after reading about selling plex for isk then getting characters from the bazar the game offers and it didnt load into my wallet right away which i assumed was fine because it even says could take an hour so i logged out and when i logged back in it stated i was banned pending a investigation :confused:

EDIT: Account has been unbanned due to false alarm of it seeming suspicious such large purchase on new account :slight_smile:


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what? lol :frowning:

i assume it means theyre just verifying its my card and money or something?

I know you are not brand new…everyone here knows you are not brand new…CCP knows you are not brand new and is also aware of what you are trying to do…

But please, do go on…

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wait what im genuinely %100 brand new?? i just did the tutorial yesterday and jumped through the 3 yellow gates to get to my agent and docked there? im applying to a corp that if you see the application i state im %100 brand new and trying to learn?? i bought plex to buy a character from the bazar thing? and used my card to buy the plex… i dont know what you mean or are trying to insinuate but i am completely brand new

Never seen this sort of issue before. What’s the proof he’s not brand new? And what would he be trying to do? Genuine curiosity.

hope get answer soon on ticket i submitted

sent this email as well im just trying to figure out whats going. and was genuinely excited to play :confused:

No one here can really help you out. All you can do is what it looks like you’ve done and that is get in contact with customer suport to see what’s happening and take it from there.

okay! i figured

Omitting punctuation is a bannable offence.


New PLEX Purchases can take an hour to process. You will receive it by Downtime. On the off chance your bank has flagged the purchase , it may take longer. :grin::+1:

yeah thats what someone said so i took it off

if a brand new account buys that much plex it probably triggered a fraud alarm, since you seem to be legit about it, it should hopefully get cleared up soonish.

yeah hoping so aswell

My suggestion is since your extremely new to the game I would avoid buying a character as you literally have no idea how much you don’t know yet about this game and what kind of a character you would need to buy to play in the way you still haven’t figured out yet.

I would take your time with your current account, try out a lot of different things in the game and watch many many more youtube videos but most importantly connect with other players who can quickly tell you what you need to find out about with concern to buying a new character.

You may have gotten flagged for making a PLEX purchase immediately after already making a purchase. Which might make it look like you were stealing a credit card info and did a test purchase before going for the goods. It wouldn’t be because your bank flagged the purchase that would mean the credit card doesn’t work nor the payment go through.

When you get your account back, check your “PLEX vault” for your PLEX as you need to sell it for ISK in game before anything goes into your wallet.

I don’t know what the fraud would be for purchasing a large amount of PLEX as a new player but maybe they we’re worried about credit theft as it would seem odd to make two similar purchases one after another, 20$ the first time and then 500$ and yes a new account would make that suspicious as someone is not going to use their own account to steal someone’s credit info to make a purchase.

Submit a ticket, explain what you think happened or what you know you did and if there is no foul play involved you will get everything back or if it turns out you did steal someone credit information then you are basically ■■■■ out of luck.

yeah i assume its like a form of fraud check? someone said in a post i made on reddit they only allow $500 purchases a month? so maybe because i went over it messed something up? Also been watching lots of videos and plan on joining a corp that also shows me the ropes and helps me learn :slight_smile: this games got an insane amount of depth to it and im excited for them to respond to my ticket get this cleared up and i can get back into playing

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