Not so long ago mistakenly blocked my accounts (a bug in the system), on the main servers (Tranquility) the lock was removed, but on the test server (Singularity) there is no. I ask to remove the lock.

P.S. You have been banned permanently by GM Sura.

You’ll need to wait for the next mirror, sorry.

When’s the next one?

Middle of August is what ive heard

bans on singularity are RARE,unless he got banned on tranquiility for some time and mirror was taken while he was banned,ban on TQ gets lifted but will remain on sisi.

User EVE-SSO-CONNECTION is banned pending investigation
Last login: 2018.05.26 07:15
Number of visits: 4191
Reason: You have been banned permanently by GM Sura. The reason specified was: Breach of EULA - Permanent Ban

P.S. it Was on TQ and now in test server

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