Barren asteroids should not be marked as large collidable objects, but in the asteroid category

one thing thats annoyed me for years is barren asteroids. they are marked as large collidable objects instead of asteroids. why not mark them as asteroids? if you run missions it means that you either have to hide large collidable objects which hides a lot of mission items and structures or youre forced to see the asteroids clogging your overview.

ccp wants to change all these things. how about making one that actually makes sense?

barren asteroids ->>> asteroids.
barren asteroids /= large collidable object.

mission runners, anomaly/signature/escalation, relic/data hackers would all have their overviews simplified, would lessen the load on the server to need to show unnecessary crap significantly.

put simply make gameplay cleaner and easier for players while lessening the load on the servers.


maybe make it so that a new mining Lazer can get some type of ore or just something random thing from it

Barren asteroids are not the only useless collidable structures in missions.

Just create multiple Overview tabs with different items active in each tab and keep one tab with everything active.

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