Remove Rock Shards from Mission Pockets

Hi, now that ccp have made another pass on removing mining from Hi-Sec missions (not in patch notes) can you please remove these ugly Rock Shards. They spoil the look of the game and clutter the screen for no reason.

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They are removable in the menu settings.

You can’t remove the models. :facepalm: And not showing LCO or other collidable objects in the brackets does not work either in all instance.

These rocks certainly are ugly. Very befitting for CCP’s current understanding of how to balance EVE.

Give me a sec and I’ll look. The same setting used in asteroid belts should work.

Turn of asteroid environments and see if that does the trick.

How do these two go together?

Ugly rocks … a balanced game.

You should stop smoking this stuff, whatever it is.
Have some of mine instead!

This just turns off all the roid billboards in asteroid belts.
They’re an implementation of this:


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I really like this one for the meta aspect of it.