Barrens Chat

It seems that scammers used to be clever, and relatively uncommon. But today they are brain dead spammers mostly that probably never get a victim but spam relentlessly anyway because it has little cost to them? If thats the case this is something that probably needs to be looked at in order to try and create a better atmosphere in the game. For example Jita is home to several of these people. Why dont the authorities do anything? Why are they allowed to spam for free every day? It seems that if you are a majority of the messages in local (trying to put a lore and rp spin on it) then you will have to pay for this privilege. Other people that type maybe once or twice per day in local dont need to pay isk. This is just one idea for how to solve spam scamming and sort of try and increase the signal to noise ratio in space.

As a side note one of the reasons people spam is probably because every second probably 5 new pilots entered the system and might see your add. So you have to put your message every second or so to get maximum exposure. A solution to this is sponsored messages for lack of a better term, its shown in local, but only once per pilot when he enters. And there would only be maybe 3 allowed messages in total, and it would go to the higest bidder. It would make jumping around space more interesting, local wont seem completely dead since clever people would probably put cheap ads in the proxy systems and along the main routes to jita instead of in jita itself where it might be much more expensive.

Another solution could be to keep the message history persistent, so when i jump into jita i also get the old messages, say from the last 20 minutes, or something. This could also reduce contract spam and what not ever so slightly once players get accustomed to it? However this opens up some lore questions because local would work more like email in this case instead of a radio thing so if you werent around when the message was broadcast you will never know it existed sort of, which is what i actually prefer. So i prefer the sponsored message thing that broadcasts a message to you in local from another player when you jump in, combined with some anti spam measure. OK rant over. Rant over.

If there are good scammers you shouldnt notice them anyway


A Mainframe couldn’t handle that…

–Practical Gadget


:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Dont worry, scammers were repetitive and annoying back in the early days too

In the world of bad eve ideas, this definitely is one.


The “Gee when I jump into Jita, I wish I could scroll up and see all the spam I missed” feature we don’t need, but probably deserve.


Maybe CCP did it wrong, and what we need is a ‘reverse blackout’. Instead of delayed local in every system, we get Jita local sent to every system. Now that’s a feature.


Having a global channel is kinda mandatory in a MMO? People will probably use it for all kinds of things. Recruting for corps, setting up for PVE group content and what not. Lets say it was only accesable in high sec? lets say it cost 100 isk to post a message in it? (Isk sink anyone?) lets say it could only be done once per minute? worth exploring?

In the image this new default channel is called Global but that that didnt really make sense in EVE-online so it should probably just be called “Remote” instead?

Dont those two things already have spam-less solutions in game?

Well, since you’re asking - no an MMORPG doesn’t need a global channel.

The rest of your post is moot.

–Helpful Gadget

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Yes, I also wish I could be in a channel with every recruitment bot, referral linker, isk doubler and contract scammer on the server, posting in global chat all day non-stop. Its such a good idea, I can’t for the life of me figure out why nobody through about doing this until now.


Dont let perfection become the enemy of good. Of course there will be contract spam but there will also be literally anything else you can think of. Like players asking for help, or organising some kind of pve? Besides such a channel will make the game feel less dead which seems important?

The Help channels exist already, are clearly marked, and are monitored and policed.
New accounts are automatically placed into a new player channel, and old timers can selectively join it to offer advice to the next gen.

What makes these channels functional are their restrictions - one is not allowed to recruit, do transactions, or other items not related to help. And the help channels in general are the one area in the game that in-game scamming is not allowed.

A general “Barrens” chat isn’t needed for EvE.
There are plenty of avenues players can take to create their own public anything-goes chat - which is in the nature of EvE - player control and creativity.

–Gadget would like for players to actually receive the help they ask for


A barrens chat IS needed, it will liven up the game, and it is very much in accordance with the original creators of the game and their sandbox ideas. a help channel with restrictions, and moderation goes against the founding principles of the game. yes i went there. does anyone care? not until CCP goes bankrupt and people ask “how could this happen?” they didnt listen to me or anyone else who knew whats up, thats how



–Gadget offers you the chance to try again

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(Can we take a moment to appreciate how well this forum works?)

Do you have any proof that a barrens chat would resuscitate EvE?

I mean, you’ve already erroneously extrapolated data and then drew a biased and incorrect prediction from it.

I’d like the see the crazy non-stats you’ve done/fabricated/erroneously interpreted with data that shows the “positive” effects of a barrens chat on an mmorpg.

It’ll give me a good chuckle.

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It would be more prudent to create new images to support your agenda as the current set had become mouldy.

Okay so if you are going to take arbitrary data and reach outrageous conclusions, I shall also indulge in such behaviour.

We can clearly see a downward trend in WOW numbers since 2010. How could this be possible given that they have Barrens chat? Could it even be possible that Barrens chat is the sole reason that WOW is dying?

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