[Based on True Story] Eve Online Short Film Script

So basically, here’s how it goes. I’m currently making a script that I want to get noticed by CCP and eventually developed as promotional material for Eve Online. This script I’ve written is based off of true events that a friend of mine had gone through. Unfortunately, there was no aftermath once the enemy crashed the vigil for our friend, and eventually destroyed what would be the final standing point for our corp.

This script is inspired by said events, and how I visualize what happens in the game within the script would be similar to the 3D visuals in the cinematic trailers made by CCP.

The story follows Vincent, a leader of a corp co-founded by him and a fellow player. However, Vincent’s co-founder – dubbed Negative Infinity – was killed in real life after getting into an accident with a drunk driver. After seemingly being given the leeway by their enemy corporation to hold a vigil in Eve Online, Vincent and his corp are instead caught by surprise by the enemy and nearly obliterated. The fact that Vincent’s girlfriend Fiona has a father who’s sick with COVID-19 does little to help as Vincent tries to take what remains of his corporation to take a last stand against the enemy.

This is only a 15 page sample of the full script. For those who would like a full copy or a full summary, feel free to send me a message through the forums.

The sacred script link

The plan is to get as much hype to this as possible, and/or get criticism from the greater EVE community to improve the script in a way so that the best product is available to send off for speculation.

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