Basgerin Popestar?


So, the freeport Popestar is in low power mode and is currently RF’ed. Did somebody forget to gas it up or is it about to die?

snuffed out has been targeting it.

When is the timer?

You shalt not make for yourself any space idol.

There is only one avenue for space salvation & it is not via any keep star or man.

Snuff would be righteous in the endeavour of exterminating space popery & false idols.

If someone comes up with the cash I’m sure it’ll live.

I like the idea of 6th empires social works but I imagine the space pope is kinda an offence to religious types.

There is only one true religion, and Space Pope is only one true Pope.

So elite!

It was in low power mode and I know for a fact there was a Vanquisher on contract there the day it came out of RF.

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