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I hope this is the right place for my question.

I would like to use an MOA for PVE. I’m only doing the agent missions at this point. Please can you link or recommend a fit for me? I’m unsure about power and rig slots.

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Sorry for a delay in replying, and not just posting a fit.
I’ve used a railgun based Moa for missions, and it generally does quite well - you are aiming to engage at range rather than close in brawling since medium railgun have difficulty hitting small close in fast moving targets. You’ll want a flight of light drones to deal with that problem.

Railguns in the high slots. An afterburner and shield hardeners in the medium slots with maybe a targeting computer (tracking script) or webifier to help hitting small stuff.
The lows: Damage Control, mag. field stabilisers (two of 'em) to increase damage, then either a third mag.stab or a tracking enhancer.
Rigs: shield resistance or extenders. Maybe a CPU or PG rig to help fitting if desperate.

It’ll serve you well for Level 2 missions, for level 3 look at a Ferox as a logical step for hybrid based Caldari pilots.

Hope that’s useful - I’ll answer questions as I can.

Basic fittings for almost every ship you can find at eveuni:
Here’s the Moa Fitting Section

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