Basic capsule query

Am wondering if there is any travel limit placed on the escape capsule say after losing your ship after rats have destroyed it ? How far can these capsules travel in terms of jump gates and AU’s ?

There are no limitations, except for warp-range, which is limited by your capacitor (which recharges) and can be improved by skilling Warp Drive Operation. :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t the pod only in game vessel that can warp over any distance in system regardless of AU?

That would make their capacitor obsolete, but you can always confirm it yourself in systems like decon (close to dodixie). Decon is, iirc, a 100+ AU system. Osmon, from one end to the other, is also pretty big. Or Tera, of course.

Thanks for the replies it is useful to know these little things :slight_smile:

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Many are the occasion where I have covered jump ranges well over 100 au and it has always been done in one simple jump. From these I think it is safe to say that no matter what the distance between gates you will always make it in one jump.

And yet there is still that odd chance so if someone know of a gate to gate jump that cannot be made in a single pod jump please let me know that would be something I have to go and experience in person.

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Did you skill Warp Drive Operation, by chance? I don’t doubt you, but I wonder. I won’t get to check it myself for another few days, at least.

Yes all oif my characters have warp drive operation trained. Yes it is possible that warp drive operation affects your pod but I never noticed it, but then that information could be lost in the mists of time or to a failing memory due to old age. However I have been on more than a few roams in Caldari space where gate to gate can be well over 100 au. And many are the times we were escorting the pod of a new player back to home base and I never noticed any problem with them not being able to make the gates in a single jump. Still it would be interesting to know the reality of this.

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