Basic concept for the new Wardec system

both parties need to own a structure for a war to happen

in the case of somebody having multiple structures the attacker picks the structures they want to attack and they have to pay a fee for every structure they select

the defender doesn’t have to pay any fees for the structures they choose to pick to destroy and they can pick up to one or as many as they feel like destroying if they’re confident they could totally destroy their enemies infrastructure

Defenders all they have to do is destroy the structures they selected before they attack or does to win the war and ended

also if you target structures are not meant to be targeted you will be killed by Concorde

this only counts for structures in high security space
you will lose security status if you target structures in low sec are not primary targets

-1 makes the devs bad idea worse.

All this leads to is all structures being owned by 1 man corps, effectively ending the war dec feature.

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