BASIC ORE TYPES. Which types are considered BASIC?


In the upcoming patches ALL BASIC ORE TYPES will be removed from moons.
But I can find no information about what are considered basic ore types.
Can somebody from CCP or any of the players inform us in this thread what ores will be gone and which will be left in moons?


All non moon ores.

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Certainly not COBOLt




Moon goo only, but they will rebalance the T1 mineral content in the goo. That’s as 'bout as much as we know right now.

I C what you did there…


I think I deserve at least a C+ score

For Tranquility’s sake I think you should just Go Forth Swiftly at Topspeed

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A Moon Ore Processing, B Moon Ore Processing and C Moon Ore Processing.

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