Basilisk Emergency Response Squad Skin?

Anyone found where this comes from yet?

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Wherever it comes from, this skin is gut ugly.

I disagree, been waiting for an ambulance skin for awhile!

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Ever looked at the Steel Cardinal skins or Raata Sunset? They are the same and you have chrome shine as added bonus.

Ghostbird is also a good fit

No. Just no

Its white with red trim isnt it?

Or is that a different one?

yeah. Idk honestly, I find all ghost skins pretty ugly

Well, no sign on the market, nothing in NES. There seem to be four skins in this set, one for each of the logistics ships. The flavour text reads :

For certain tasks, CONCORD forces will use many of the ship designs of the four empires, and the rapid emergency response vessels are usually adaptations of the advanced logistics cruisers manufactured by empire corporations.

The Emergency Response Squad is an elite force within the DED that operates alongside the special forces of the SARO division. These ships are crewed by specialized rapid repair and shield stabilization engineers, and always carry a complement of elite battlefield search, rescue and resuscitate troops. The high premium that SARO places on preserving its elite operatives is such that ERS combat medics will usually be equipped with brain scanners capable of preserving the personality of a trooper even if the body is broken beyond repair.

So maybe something with CONCORD LP? Or maybe an upcoming event?

I haven’t gotten a chance to check the concord LP store in game yet. I hope this isn’t just an NPC only thing!

If it was NPC only, I don’t think it would show in the various ships SKIN lists. It been there for quite a while, but CCP has stayed mum. I haven’t had a chance to go dig at a CONCORD LP store yet myself, but it’s been on the SKIN list for a while, so if that were it, I’d expect to see them on the Jita market. But nowt, which leads me to believe they’re just not released yet, and CCP is probably waiting for something before they ‘release’ them.

I like the ambulance skins for logi. It fits quite well, and the new basi model is much nicer than the old turkey. Now if they’d only update the Claymore to look like a sword instead of a rusty toiletbrush.

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