Emergency Response rushed off without warning?

So, I was sticking little piles of PLEX away, so I can buy a nice Emergency Response SKIN for my logi. I get it together anhd poof! Without warning, the SKIN vanished from the NES store. This set of SKINs is one of the most role-appropriate SKINs ever, and deserve to be a near permanent fixture in the NES store, but at least a little warning would have been nice, and maybe not retiring really cool SKINs jusdt before payday?

Ah, well. CCPlease, bring those SKINs back to the NES store, they hadn’t reached the market penetration they deserve.

…and make one for the Precursor Logistics Cruiser.

Have I been living under a rock? When did the trig get a logi cruiser?

Everyone gets a logi except blops :frowning:

Real men don’t need logi.

Winter release, announced at eve vegas

at least it’s cool in the shade under the rock.

They get T3Cs. Blops is supposed to be hard mode if your gank goes wrong… one of the reasons I keep wanting changes to blops lol… niche is too narrow for my tastes. @Linus_Gorp typically disagrees with me on that, but he and I have very different groups that we run with. My deemer is sitting somewhere in lowsec or shallow null and I haven’t even at in it in months now. Debating on just flying it to Jita and selling it.

Replace it with a Sin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gallente battleship is still only trained to 3 lol. 90 million SP, and I couldn’t fly a mega for ■■■■.

'sides… Deemer works great for blops drops, the style itself (seal clubbing and whale hunting) just makes me say meh. I like fights, and a proper blops drop is nothing close to a fight.

I suppose then that group you’re flying with is a bunch of blobbing F1 bears? My group goes crazy all the time. We do crazy ■■■■ all the time and the odds are rarely in our favour :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly yes, that is a doctrine we will use for major engagements; at the end of the day winning strategic fights matters more than enjoying the fights. Even if it means being an f1 bear in an arty mach.

Lots of roams though, where we fly our own ships.

Dude, if you haven’t yet, it is really about time to train precursor ships, weapons etc. There is some really nice stuff coming :slight_smile:

Personally I am a big fan of it. Vedmak happens to be my current #2 or #3 (cause am undecided) favorite ship in the game. Its just freagin awesome fun.

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