Battle Orca 0 - Firetails 1

A big thanks to @Gian_Bal for a lot of fun last night. After losing his broadsword, Gian decided that the most logical escalation was an Orca. Here’s how the story unfolded…

We’d had several fights with pirates while flying around in doctrine Firetails trying, and failing, to get a fight with a 19 man Amarr/Caldari Merlin fleet. I’d switched from armor to shield logi specifically to rep our doctrine-breaking FC and alliance leader @Harkon_Thorson in his Stork. As we were about to head back from Kamela to Sosala, somebody in fleet picked up an Orca sitting on the Sosala gate. We warped in and got point on both him and the Scorpian Navy that was also on the gate. Whether he was helping @Gian_Bal or looking to fight the Orca himself, I’m not sure. He exploded too quickly for us to find out.

The Battle Orca put up more of a fight. It’s huge shield tank kept it on the field for a long time, launching wave upon wave of drones to replace those we killed. At one point, he got Harkon into his very small layer of armor after applying his considerable neuts to our one shield logi. Fortunately our armor logi were able to keep Harkon alive long enough, and I was able to pull out of neut range and rep Harkon back up.

It was a really fun fight. Here’s the killmail.

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No problem :slight_smile: When we’re outnumbered last night I’ll usually be more than happy to jump into something ridiculous like an orca and try fight you.

However after last night I’m afraid I wont be doing it anymore. I gave you a broadsword kill and then an orca and you guys still refused to give a good fight, constantly shooting drones and constantly trying to jam me with ECM frigates. It seems even when you go into a 1v20 with minmatar knowing you’ll die with the sole intention of getting a good fight they still can’t appreciate the gesture and resort to bringing more ECM. :frowning:

Also: The scorpion navy was a temporary ally, I first engaged a gnosis and he helped kill it

He also agreed to help me fight the frigate fleet like a champ, RIP Noass Aakiwa o7, you died a true warriors death!


This night we did fought several battles not necessarily at our advantage.

Taking 5 or 6 gnosis in a 13 man T1 frigate fleet, forcing them to flee and killing one.
Engaging Elite cruisers gang with the same composition, winning the field only by reshipping in bigger stuff after death.
Daring several amarrian mixed fleets to gather and fight us in a medium, still with firetail while they had mostly cruisers.

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