Battle Report: Targeting Tzvi

It’s been a while since my last battlereport as I’ve been out in Etherium Reach claiming space for Ushra’Khan but I returned to the warzone last night to attempt to push the Tzvi contested level up. We had several enjoyable fights and the full report is here:

My favorites were the fights on the Lamaa gate where we killed the Brutix, Harbinger Navy Issue and Raven. The Brutix has taken range but we got a good warp in and took him down. The Raven then landed at zero on the gate and while we warped back (using a gate gun at 150km to get back) he got away. Brutix fight battle report:

We got the call that the HNI had red boxed and warped to the target. I set my orbit to close and began pounding. As the HNI’s hitpoint’s fell despite the neutral reps they brought on grid (dirty tactics Amarr!) I was primaried and started to go down. I was webbed and target painted but not pointed, so i simply warped out and back again in time to get the final blow. As he popped, enemy reinforcements and we were forced to retreat. Again, not pointed so my Rupture survived. Here’s just the HNI fight: (I forgot we also killed the Caracal and I guess the coercer died before I landed)

Not long after a few of us had switched to BCs and we caught the Raven on the gate. We took him down quickly. Not much to report for that fight!

Lots of kills and no losses (for me personally at least). I’ll be back in FW space some time soon!

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