Battlecruiser Abyss

CCP - can we please have for winter battlecruiser abyss? It would be great for it to have 4 rooms instead of 3 with the same 20 minute time limit :slight_smile:

Only BC can go in there. I dunno, something would be nice. I just have had zero reason to pilot a battlecruiser in forever.

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I used a battlecruiser (harbringer) for the crimson harvest.

T3 Cruisers in abyss please. I’ve been a good boy all year.

when someone says they have been a “good boi” you know they deserve coal.

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You’re getting coal for spelling boy like you were born in 2007

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great!!! Coal will be great for the dark winter approaching us! can be used with a fire!!!

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T3 but with increased karen room spawning :smiley:

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Yeah but it it was heavily sub optimal. Drastically inferior to Loki / Tengu not to mention maurauders. Harvest is not a good reason to run a BC, ohh…and once a year? I would like to see the staggering variety of fits people come up with and a BC in abyss will be tested like nothing else.

Maybe with 2 x Karen per room? That’d be nice.

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