Battleship Frigate Escape Bay - salvaging frigate

If you salvage in anything but noctis you are doing it wrong.
press +1 for Noctis Escape bay implemented

Why…because my way is much more efficient than yours and your idiotic pride can’t take it, so you call me names? You do it your way, and I’ll do it mine. Honestly…you spend more time in the forums being a jerk than you do in the game. And stop trying to act tough…nobody is impressed.

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-1 Why would I want to dock my Rattlesnake to go get a Noctis…or spend money on a Noctis in the first place, when I can just salvage with 5 drones? One ship…drop MTU, kill the L4 or Minor conduit, or EC, then salvage, then move on to the next one. I never have to move from start to finish, and the whole thing takes very little time.

I do this when I am tired of targeting individual wrecks or when I am feeling lazy. It does work, but sometimes I want to get the MTU in the hold quickly when I’m in a system that has lots of mission interrupters trying to bait me into a fight…like the losers they are.

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You were a master baiter weren’t you?

If you know that they’re baiting you’re halfway there, the other half involves realising that the loot and salvage isn’t yours until you’re docked or tethered.

I love how people with references to pirates in their name like to whinge about… pirates.



I’ve done it both ways. Individual targeting is tedious but can clean up the wreck blob faster than just setting them loose to salvage. Having said that, I just set them loose these days.

Unless it’s T2 wrecks or you make rigs, salvaging is a waste of effort.

I’m waiting for the CODE. guys to find out whether the ejected-into frigate has a chance at a second volley on a target, or not.
A friend is asking.

Nobody ganks in battleships.

Why not?

Because all we need is gank. A battlecruiser does almost the same amount of DPS as a battleship, for a lot cheaper.

Hey, Nana! It’s a hand holding a condom.

The best Master-Baiter is Instagram nowadays :smiley:


Because smartbombs are underpowered as ■■■■.
From the smallest, to the largest.

A disco coercer can’t even kill a pod in a single cycle.

Wasn’t there a guy who used to hang at one of the Jita incoming gates with a coercer using smarties and all he did was gank pods? This was back around 2016. I think he bagged a “crystal set” or something like that once.

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Can you imagine salvaging an entire lv 4 mission with a frig. The punishment is built into the crime.

exploration frigate : 3 salvager, effective as 4

punisher, executioner, condor, kestrel, atron, slahser already have 4 highs. The only interesting part is, that magnat has huge cargo ; but is that really useful ?

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I do not know about that at all. I didn’t mean to say it’s not doable,
but it’s definitely not worth it except for the novelty value.

So just loaded up a Imicus with 3 salvager 1 and 3 small salvage tackle II, I do have implants to help… days away from salvage skill 5
I drop a MTU while completing a lvl 4, let all the wrecks stack, collect MTU and contents go to next room repeat.
I then fly to nearest station off load my escape frigate the Imicus fly to my book marks. It takes seconds to salvage wrecks and then I am off to next bookmark… I know the whole drone but you dont get the bonusus from implants and recovery rate is a lot lower and it is so slow! Ok Noctis, but this is a lot cheaper, and I can carry my Imicus and drop it in any system I am in. I can get millions for a few minutes work!