Battleship Love?

What would be the downside of doubling or even tripling BS HP?

Also, in addition to that, why not a module that allows a BS to share the damage of a nearby ship or ships in close proximity? Like 50% of damage redirected to BS (can’t use on other BS). This would change small gang pvp a lot though. But would that be bad?

About HP, I don’t really sure which problem could cause, but a little bit more hp could be nice.

I personally don’t like the Idea of “share” HP. Imagining a Frigate get destroy by his own mate cause of “share” damage is not very good idea…

Also, for your information, the new Balance Team are going to look at BS soon, as they need a re-pass cause of the new Alpha restrictions and cause they need it!

It’s not “Share” HP. It’s just one way, from Frigate to BS not BS to Frigate.

If the BS is just an HP sponge, then nobody will attack it as a primary target. But if the BS can take some of the damage away from the other ships then it would be very useful in a lot of situations.

Oh, I misunderstand you.

Anyway, personally, I don’t see atm. But BS re-balance will happen so stay tuned to Dev-Blogs and such.

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Sure, let’s do that. Then my Golem would be indestructible…

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Ayyyyyyyyyyyy Tech 1 only. :wink:

Seriously tho, Marauders are in a weird place IMO. Not sure how much of an impact this would have on Blops tho.

[…] Edit: stupid of me =P

For Blops, if is a huge buff to HP could lead to problems, yeah. They have a high amount of DPS, if they get buff in HP. could be madness.

The problem with HP is that if you change one by a lot, you need to change everyother ship or check the Status on DPS value on this ones. A minor buff is fine, mayor… no so nice.

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A big part of their DPS is in fact the level of bling on the ships. Yes their bonuses are substantial, but they’re all blinged because they’re all squishy as ■■■■.

A major increase to their EHP would certainly free them up either to fit a real tank or gank the crap out of things, but I’m not sure that would be a bad thing. If they’re dropping on battleships, they’ll need the extra dps to maintain their current M.O.

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You can’t paint all the battleships with the same brush.

You really want to give me a 700k EHP Bhaalgorn? Or a 400k EHP arti Mach?

I have 4 battleship fits with over 200k EHP. Each does over 1000dps.

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The idea of ships with cloak is surprise atack not staying power so they wouldn’t increase blops go,furthermore the same things can jump so you are at a huge advantage in blops.
Honestly battleships need more firepower that can be applied to other battleships and above targets making them more dependant on support and taking away the lone combat ship potential,CCP have mentioned in the past they wanted them as line fleet ships and some fit or fitted the role great such as maelstrom,rokh,abaddon,navy apocalypse,raven.
What do most of them have in common?They can all shoot pretty far in the 70-100+ ranges,they almost all have or can be fitted for a sizeable tank for their class and most times they are all awful as solo ships.

I would assume that we are looking at buffing base ehp. Rather than trying to take into account plates etc.
In which case you aren’t going to see a huge difference in ehp on your large buffer fits. Maybe 50-100k total. However what it would do is move active tank bs up to a large difference from cruisers.

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Depends how you distribute the increased raw hp (shield/armour/structure). Rigs are still % based, and Bulkheads are % base too. Any buff to base structure hp can be directly correlated to increased EHP.

Each ship would need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in a complete balance pass.
I just can’t see that much buff to ships like the Mach, for example.

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Sure rigs are percentage based. But usually those ehp you are talking about include flat hp modules also. Which tend to be a large portion of that tank.
Though yea I get what you are saying that certain battleships might not need it. Certainly most of them need a good kick in some fashion and unless we went to locked size slots for weapons we can’t Gove them a secondary weapon rack and more speed or warp speed is silly. So that only really leaves tank. Or additional dps.

Take out the Pirate Battleships from this thread and I would be more agreeable to the suggestions :smirk:

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A Domi with a sensor booster locks more slowly than Ishtar with T2 cloak. Hmm. They could use a very little bit more scanres.

The other thing, besides “just add more EHP” is to put a role bonus on all the battleship to double the effects of plates on it, or to make bigger buffer modules which battlecruisers will have trouble fitting (maybe XL shield extenders/3200mm plates).

The ability to take damage for a teammate is pretty much a carbon copy of the “guard target” mechanism on tank classes in other MMOs, and… might be interesting. That would be especially useful for spider-tanking. It would also enable dirty tricks: if you can’t guard a guarded target (common mechanic and probably important because of what would happen with spider tanking if this didn’t exist), the enemy fleet could guard something it wanted to kill before opening fire, then pull guard right as it started shooting.

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That’s an… odd comparison. Like me saying that my car goes as fast as a jet when the jet taxis to the runway. Sure the numbers are accurate, but they in no way paint a useful picture.

The Nestor does this well. Battleship class logistics is quite apparently missing, and I think it would more than suit this role without adding weird things.

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