Battleship QoL Updates

Your lack of experience is showing. An interceptor ramming you from 100km away can point you before you have it locked in most battleships. Some battleships have a decent base scan res where you can lock them and have some reaction time to manipulate it, others are so low, that an inty can point/scram you before you can lock it from 100km away.

Take a machariel for example. The proposed increase would set most battleship scan res close or slightly above what the mach is set to (150mm). Is the mach imbalanced because it has 150mm scan res? Is it an insta-locking battleship, sitting around camping gates or locking frigs before they can react? No. Because its scan res is still too low to do that, but it does give it flexibility. It’s much more manageable as a small gang ship (along with the warp speed). A better example is the T1 Phoon, another popular small gang ship and home d ship (along with some fleet uses). Its sig res is 143.8mm. This again, makes it a responsive ship as you don’t take 20-30s to lock a ceptor burning in to tackle you and then inevitably get blobbed.

If you can’t see an issue with a capital only being 6mm less (or the same/greater) than some battleships, i don’t think there is much more to explain to you, when no other ship class has this discrepancy. Some people enjoy battleship pvp, that isn’t part of a blob. Sig resolution changes is a non-invasive way to help make the hulls more responsive, but not effect any actual stats or how they interact in fleets.

Real example, new ECM mechanics. Get jammed by EC-300’s, it takes literally 30s for a rokh or SNI to lock an EC drone to kill it. By then, another EC drone will have jammed, now you get to play 30s delays of musical ECM drones to actually kill them. And before you say smart bomb, Rokh has no utilty high and SNI can’t fit one if its fitted with torpedo’s.

Great, then remove the NSA. Because a carrier is just heavy dps, it shouldn’t be able to lock like a frigate, right?

You’re right it is a game, and this is a forum for said game where discussions can take place about changes we’d like to see.


Odds are ECM drones are not going to perma jam a battleship. As for the NSA fine get rid of it. It was prolly put in to help delve ratters. We don’t need. A change to the scan res for battleships though.

Then you haven’t flown battleships in any measurable amount in anything outside of fleets. And before you say it, i have all Sensor compensation skills at 5 and I have fit SEBO’s on some of my battleships. Its RNG sure, but it still happens a lot more than you’d expect. Even a single EC drone getting a jam cycle and it taking 30s to lock it is more than enough time to turn the tide of a fight in a battleship.

I’m glad your so familiar with my in game experience… I have been jammed but not that often in a battleship by ECM drones. Or while flying anyship for that matter. ECM drones have crap for ECM strength. And battleships aren’t supposed to primary drones any way have you smaller ships in a fleet take them out if you are getting jammed.

Uh huh. Cool story. I’m done talking to you, especially since you’re not even talking from your main. Or you have 0 combat history, which makes your opinion even more useless.

Keep in mind, you’re free to say that the change isn’t needed. I have no issue with that. The issue is your reasons are based off inexperience or a completely different playstyle that, for some reason, involves your entire fleet having a dedicated “kill EC drones with frigates” squad. Or a small gang should just suddenly have all their pilots stop and shoot EC drones to remove them, meanwhile losing tackle on actual targets or opening themselves up to taking damage just to chase off some EC drones for their slow battleship friend.

No we don’t get perma jammed by drones, it was just a suggestion for you.

Why upgrade scan res of BS and why not drag capitals down another 6 mm.

I don’t agree with you (because I don’t have enough experience) but I appreciate this post you made.

Even though he says my opinion doesn’t matter?

This is Stitch

He does active PVP for about 7 years. His top ships are Typhoon Fleet, Raven Navy, Typhoon and Tempest. If you check his youtube you will see, that he does a lot of solo/ smallgang stuff.
He is in an elite smallgang PVP corp, that does well in the Alliance Tournament.
He has some Minmatar bias, but he knows what he is talking about.

You, Daoden, are a random person on the internet. You have no Killboard history or anything else to proof your skill. You have a strange understanding of how fleets or small gangs should work.


Write with you Main and proof with your killboard, that you fly a lot of battleships in different situations and i will actually listen to your strange ideas.
Fly safe.

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