Battleship sized t2 logi with bastion style spool

what about larger logi that use a bastion style module to engage the logi ranges?
the module would vent engine power to give massive cap generation and range bonuses to bs class ships.
ship layout could be 8 highs and enough cap to have a local rep and all high slots repping with cap mods (cpr, ccc rigs).
an option could be it would block incoming reps but would have to give marauder style rep increase and resist bonus once active.
purpose- fleet support logi, more mobile than faux and less need for a complete logi group. a couple logi bs in a fleet for protracted battles like gate camps or laying siege to system stations. those things are huge and reps reaching someone on the other side in battle are difficult without splitting logi.

when the module isnt spooled, you have normal range on your reppers.
give it drones for defense and reps. 125m/b.
maybe a 150% bonus to logi drones and able to carry 5 large.
mjd bonus like the marauder.
rep range out to 120km with t2 large reppers.
maybe give the same secondary bonus of t2 logi now.
call it a missionary class battleship or something.

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