Battleships with blasters/autocannons for PvE Hi-sec LVL 4 missions, is it possible?

Hi, actually I have some battleships fitted with railguns or artillery and MJD to do PvE Hi-sec LVL 4 missions.
With total EHP that vary from 89k to 120k and a weapon range that goes from 30 to 200 km of course I easily dominate the fight also in the most crowded missions like blockade and so on, but in reason of poor DPS it takes too much time to finish a single mission.
Online I saw a lot of battleship fits (Machariel for example) for LVL 4 Hi-sec PVE missions that use autocannons or blasters instead of railguns/artillery.
I tried to simulate this fits and of course DPS are higher than mine but EHP are lower, so I’d like to know how is it possible to survive with a short range battleship in a lvl 4 mission if I am forced to fight in a range from 3 to 11 km in the midst of a crowd of enemy battleships, cruisers and battlecruisers that all shoot at me at once.
Is it supposed that this kind of ships frequently leave battlefield to make repairs and then come back?

I did some missions with blasters in my Kronos. Works fine for most missions, but frigs can be a bit of a pain and some NPC’s keep distance of 50km or so. I find it easier to stick with my ranged setups.

Arthur’s Kronos. 2 TC with range scripts. Very good tracking with blasters. Did gallente epic arc with it.

You fight in fall off and actually get far better range than that. I used to be able to instant blap frigs @ 40/50km in my Mach iirc.

Other than that you’re basically dps tanking the sites. As in you aggro one group at a time and use the extra dps to kill of stuff so fast they never get to hurt you.

The only two sites that are a proper fuckers in a autocannon Mach to run IIRC. Are Gurista & Serpentus blockade because of the insane amount of damps in the Serpentus blockade and the daft long ranges and ECM for Gurista blockade. You don’t want to run those sites anyway in a Mach as you want to blitz the sites and to max out you LP.

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You don’t fly a ship in the same way with short range weapons as you do with long range weapons. If you take a closer look at those short range weapon fits, check the ship speeds. Most of those ships should be quite fast. The ship’s speed a tool that lets you pick which rats you want to pop, get in close to them quickly, then get away from the other rats. You don’t sit sill in a ship like that, you keep moving, using speed and agility to control the fight.

The other main point is that not all missions require you to kill every rat. Many missions only need you to kill a few specific rats. You can ignore the other rats and still complete the mission. This is “blitzing”, only shooting the smallest number of rats required to complete the mission. The purpose of this is to complete each mission faster, and complete more missions per hour as a result. You give up isk from bounties, but you earn more LP’s per hour by completing more missions per hour. You do not need to kill every rat in every mission. A fast agile ship with high dps can quickly get close to the key mission rats, pop them and use it’s speed to escape.

Some missions can be easily blitzed, some missions cannot. It’s a matter of learning which missions can be blitzed and ignoring the other missions that cannot be blitzed, or using a different ship.

But I don’t want to blitz, I want to clear, because I want all the bounties and all the wrecks and loots too. I don’t do mining or transport, so security missions are my only source of income.
I’m just trying to understand if it’s possible to clear much faster than now, using my sniper fits, and I’m also trying to find a way to use my Machariel and my Tempest Fleet Issue, that actually are useless in PvE lvl4 hi-sec missions, as artillery RoF is too slow even with rigs and modules and bonuses.

There is no single “perfect” setup. If there was, everyone would use that one ship and fit. Eve is a balancing act, if you want more of X, you get less of Y. There is always some kind of risk to everything. Want more dps? Sure, but you’ll have to use shorter range weapons that force you to get closer to your targets, and expose you to more incoming damage as a result.

If you want the safety of shooting rats at long range, you give up the high dps. If you want the high dps, you give up the safety provided by long range weapons. This is a deliberate design decision by the game devs.

Also, missions are not the only way to earn isk in PVE. All rats pay a bounty and combat sites can have some nice loot drops, especially in the combat site escalations, and you don’t have to locate the combat anomaly sites with probing. These sites can be harder than L4 missions, depending on where the sites are (hisec, losec, null).

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what do you really want? there’s way more income in LP than in bounties and wrecks I’d suggest learning blitzing if you want to max income. if you just want to sit around and shoot stuff then you should probably get a rattlesnake.

also why do you care about raw EHP so much? on a pve BS it’s largely irrelevant, probably want to look at how much damage you can tank instead. Using the blaster kronos as an example sure it probably only has ~60k ehp, but it can probably also rep 500-1000 ehp/s which will keep it alive pretty much forever in most missions.

Mach will have probably similar EHP, but less rep power, but it shouldn’t matter all that much because you have the mobility to evade a lot of incoming damage, and also the DPS to kill things before tank becomes much of a problem.

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Its definetly possible. Back when I was doing it I actually said fk it to blasters and went railguns instead. Had to keep warping out and then back in at 100 because we didn’t have MJDs back then. Nowadays you would have a much easier time doign it on a sniping railgun fit.

But doing it in eitehr railgun or blaster battleship is kinda like driving a car without power steering, power windows and power breaks, yes, you can do it, but should you ? And even if you do have a reason of your own, such as novelty, for example, is it really worth it ?

if its SP that is stopping you, extract and inject to what is more useful.

In addition, if you really truly do want novelty and some pure 100% fun, then nothing beats doing L4s in a Vedmak. Hands down the most fun ship to do L4s in. Not the most optimal, but most fun by leaps and bounds, nothing else comes close to it. So even the “break from boredom / novelty” point of doing it becomes meaningless in light of what is now available.

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