BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for Eve-mail

Sometimes, I find myself wanting to notify a varied group of individuals of some event that affects them. However, because I serve the public trust, I do not necessarily want to broadcast to everyone involved the names of everyone involved.

Blind Carbon Copy would be as in e-mail. It would send a copy of the mail to the person in the BCC list, but not include their name as a record of the list of recipients (at least not for the other recipients). This would save me having to compose or forward a separate eve-mail for each party to preserve their privacy.


I suppose you could create a mailing list and ask people to subscribe to that mailing list, and use that to inform them?

Sounds like a good idea regardless.

The services are public, and the people affected will change as they make their way across the universe. Asking all of them to sign up for a mailing list ‘just in case’ seems intrusive to me. To determine who is affected, I consult my records and go out of my way to compile a list of recent transactions and to whom they belong.

I can get by with individual forwarding of notification mail. It is somewhat more tedious, but certainly doable and seems my best option to notify ‘the public’ when I think it benefits them to make my intentions for the future clear. I do not need this feature, but I thought I’d mention it as something that is unlikely to be viewed as favoring one type of player over another. It just makes it easier to exercise courtesy and discretion to fellow capsuleers.

I do appreciate the suggestion, and may use mailing lists for more regular groups or for those with whom I have an actual working relationship. For Jill and Joe Public, though, I prefer not to disturb their peace unless I have a clear and present reason for doing so.


A suggestion that seems good, and isn’t for selfish reasons?
Are we in the right forum?

BCC is for cowards, go play WoW.


My name is on the mail. The other recipients are not.

Cowardly, or not, many groups maintain some level of secrecy, or ‘op-sec’ as I see it called. As an operator of a public facility, I do not know what information is or is not op-sec for any particular individual person or group. Making an effort to respect the security policies of groups I don’t know is something I consider as courteous, as is informing users of upcoming changes or intentions is also a courtesy.

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