[BDVNT] Press Release//28 JUN YC121

28 JUN YC121

Black Advent Corporation to assign Corporate Spetsgruppa “S” Sokol (Cокол) to Quality Assurance Directorate in order to oversee supply of Mikramurka Snow Cod for subsidiary restaurant franchise Tuuvaya.

This is notification that due to present detrimental security developments on the surface of Matar arising from both Triglavian incursions and recent terrorist attacks by the Blood Raider Covenant on Sundsele, Black Advent Corporation is reassigning elements of Corporate Directorate S for Special Purpose Tasks and Assignments (Spetsgruppa “S” Sokol) from current military-advisory obligations with Tronhadar Free Guard pursuant to YC120 contractual commitments to the Quality Assurance Directorate in order to provide convoy security and product quality control for shipments of Mikramurkan Snow Cod between local suppliers and new locations of the subsidiary restaurant chain Tuuvaya in the Tronhadar Valley.

Tuuvaya noodle-house restaurants were first established in YC120 soon after Black Advent Corporation began its corporate relationship with Tronhadar Free Guard with its first location opening in the Nakugard System. Since then, the noodle dishes which combine traditional Caldari recipes and techniques with locally sourced Matari produce and ingredients has proven popular with the tastes of the Krusual Tribe, and exceeding initial expectations of the Company. It is with these successes in mind that Tuuvaya is expanding operations in the Tronhadar Valley with new locations so that more can experience the fusion of Caldari and Matari cuisine prepared with the traditional motto in mind:

“It’s a dish best served cold!”

Spetsgruppa “S” of Black Advent Corporation is operated modelled on Caldari Corporate Special Purpose Military Units and draws on the knowledge and experience gained by retired former operatives of Corporate Directorates in Kaalakiota Corporation and Home Guard. Under the oversight of the Quality Assurance Directorate they have been assigned the following tasks:

a) Ensure the safety and security of assets and personnel of convoys between planned Tuuvaya restaurant locations in the Tronhadar Valley and suppliers of Mikramurkan Snow Cod.

b) Conduct product inspection and enforcement of quality control guidelines of Mikramurkan Snow Cod for the end-user: Tuuvaya restaurants.

These objectives will be overseen by the Quality Assurance Directorate and Chief Operations Officer Natasiya Veikitamo Gesakaarin, Black Advent Corporation.

With regards,

Natasiya Veikitamo Gesakaarin
Chief Operations Officer
Black Advent Corporation

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