[BDVNT] Press Release NOV 14//120YC


Black Advent Corporation to begin military advisory contracts with Seykal Expeditionary Group and Tronhadar Free Guard

This is public notification that Black Advent has successfully concluded services related contract negotiations with Seykal Expeditionary Group and Tronhadar Free Guard.

Contracted services to be provided by Black Advent to Seykal Expeditionary Group and Tronhadar Free Guard will involve private-military security assets to serve in a military-advisory role as subject matter experts.

Private-military security assets to be provided for contracted services to Seykal Expeditionary Group and Tronhadar Free Guard will be drawn from the internal corporate subsidiary, Black Advent Stormwind, and consist of the deployment of the following advisory elements:

Black Advent Stormwind ‘Mathias Sobaseki’ Brigade
Black Advent Stormwind ‘Kaalakiota’ Brigade
Black Advent Stormwind ‘Tibus Heth’ Brigade

Under the command of corporate Chief Operations Officer, Veikitamo Gesakaarin.

Black Advent Corporation notes that while the services to be provided to Seykal Expeditionary Group and Tronhadar Free Guard will exist in an advisory and non-combat capacity, the company accepts no legal liability (vicarious or otherwise) for collateral damage or fatalities incurred in the prosecution of pre-emptive defensive actions utilizing the use of lethal force by those in its employ to safeguard the lives of its personnel and the integrity of its assets as an incorporated entity under Yulai Conventions and the Secure Commerce Commission.

Black Advent Corporation looks forward to working with its new corporate partners in Clan Seykal and Tronhadar Free Guard.

Hevaima Gesakaarin
Chief Executive Officer
Black Advent

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Pssst. It’s November.


This is what happens when I copy and paste a memo from Veikitamo and she is one month out from the scheduled timetable.


Gasp. How will this affect the balance of power in the area in which it is happening ?

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To about the same extent as you affect the balance of power in Delve, which is to say, not at all.


There’s a balance of power in Delve? I thought we had it all.

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I am certain vis-a-vis other capsuleer alliances the imbalance of power would be in your favour.

However, if it was vis-a-vis the Blood Raider Covenant itself, then that would be open to speculation – after all, even for all your power and no doubt plentiful destruction of their assets in Delve they still managed to start that imbroglio in Kahah.

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Yep. They managed to do stuff that wasn’t in Delve, likely with the support of at least one member of the Khanid nobility.

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Such is the way of things with the DED designated pirate factions; no matter how many are destroyed via DED financial incentives by capsuleers they still manage to be a thorn in the side for good and honest folk.

So, none of us, then.

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