[BDVNT] Press Release JUN 8//YC121

JUNE 8 YC121

Black Advent Corporation to establish Svaljarthar Foundation for philanthropic and humanitarian funding for Clan Seykal and Krusual Tribe

In November of YC120 it was the pleasure of Black Advent Corporation to begin a corporate partnership with Tronhadar Free Guard and Seykal Expeditionary Group. The partnership has proven to be of benefit in the intervening months, and it is my hope the company will continue to provide services to both organisations for many more months to come.

It is in honour of that partnership and in the spirit of friendships forged through shared work, the creation of the Svaljarthar Foundation to embody that friendship by Black Advent Corporation. The Svaljarthar Foundation has been established to promote stronger ties between the company and its allied partners by providing a fund for the cultivation of artistic and cultural programs, historical research, and humanitarian initiatives to be made available solely to Clan Seykal and the Clans of Krusual Tribe.

To that end, Black Advent Corporation has established an initial fund of 50,000,000,000 (fifty billion) ISK in bearer bonds underwritten by Modern Finances to the Svaljarthar Foundation to be made available to to Clan Seykal and the Clans of Krusual Tribe to fulfill its philanthropic and humanitarian mission now and into the future.

With regards,

Mathias Hevaima Gesakaarin
Black Advent

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