Be a pirate

um Excuse me. Its not called griefing its called consulting. As a hauling consultant I give valuable information to haulers for the mere price of 300m an hour


Consulting: When there’s no money to be made in solving the problem… there’s money to be made in prolonng it.

Guys, you could maybe avoid to turn this topic in a new pro/anti gankers fight ? That would be great for the OP :wink:

Lunar, being a Pirate in Eve is more about the spirit you put in it. You can be a -10 sec status low sec pirate, a suicide ganker, a high-sec mission flipper with +5 sec status, a scammer in Jita, a corp thief, going for a safari, etc etc. So many ways of being a Pirate.

Each one has his pros and cons, but the common point (and the most important) is to have fun and to bring content on people (doesn’t matter if they wanted this content or not). You blow up lots of ships, you lose some (or the other way around at the beginning), you brag about your successes and forget your failure (but learn from it).

Again, the most important is fun. ISKs are only secondary. Either you make some profit through ransoming/blowing up bling ships, or you use an alt for some passive ISK making (PI, industry, trade, you name it). Last solution, you buy PLEX and sell it, if your RL income allow it. In any case, you’ll probably need a neutral hauling alt with positive sec status to buy/sell stuff and fly around High-sec safely.

Then it’s up to you to find your way. You can try on your own or find like-minded player to show you the ropes. And if you choose this path, you may find some good friends to spend your time in Eve, which is also very important.

to the OP… I suggest you WATCH and STUDY these videos by this guy… just go have some fun bud!!!

hope you enjoy!

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