Be a pirate

How is it when being a space pirate? When all your 4 main factions standing are all low and your sec stat is low too?
How did you make the living?
And if you need to buy stuff where do you go?
How is it being a life of a pirate ???
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as legit as I can be…

welcome to Eve.


Made isk with an alt missioning back when I did piracy,security status was a disadvantage always as any small engagement meant anyone could shoot me or someone in my fleet also below -5 yet if we attacked first we had to take sentry gun agro.
There was no faction warfare back then either most other groups were concentrated on camping checkpoints if you wanted to do some few days of pvp on the other side of the map had to arrange for a ship and fit to be moved there with either alts or courier.
Some of the guys in my corp also made isk through trading alts meta4 modules were quite lucrative back then and faction modules didn’t exist on market.

Bottom line is have 1-2 alts to make isk and transport you ships atleast to the last highsec system nearest to your main.right now in lowsec a few isk making sources were added like clone soldiers and the mordus belt npcs so its not as bad as it used to be .

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best thing i can say would be to get plex, dont mission or mine or what not with your pvp pirates, use alt accounts, out of corp alts, for hauling, use a jump freighter and a cyno alt… keep them secure and dont share your api info.

join a group like mercenary coalition… or something similar, and dont sweat it when you loose ■■■■.

lol it’s been a long time since I last saw that.


Join the throngs of Tornados and Thrashers on the Jita undock…

You sit in stations most of the time and wait for someone to tackle something for you that you then shoot. Or you spend a lot of ISK on security tags to raise your standing continuously to be able to stay on a gate in your Tornado or Thrasher all the time and shoot at passing by stuff. Or you do it like Aaaarggh and just keep warping to a gate and away to a gate spot (to avoid getting shot by the police) until your target arrives and you can shoot it, and otherwise stay docked in station.

You are a pirate. Shoot things.

You use your neutral alt of course. Or you just use a quick hauler: Dock in Jita, buy, undock, be intelligent with the warping on the undock (I will not tell you how to be intelligent) and travel fast to your living area.

You are a “pirate” when your security status is low.


It really is about the attitude you take on, not just the actions you take.

Use Docking and Undocking bookmarks for dangerous systems, trade hubs, hell, even make some gate safes so you have a ping around the common celestials in the area you fly in.

When you gain a negative sec status, youll be prime target in high sec and if you get your sec low enough, you cant even go into high sec at all, unless in a pod. Or you will simply loose your ship. Learn the gate gun mechanics and learn how concord responds in the different sec status of your systems. They act in delay to lower sec status systems.

Watch as many guides, tutorials, how to’s on youtube as you can find, google ■■■■, get on reddit and check out pirates little helper, its an app to help pirates gather intel. Intel is a HUGE factor in being a successful pirate,. Download some army college manuals, pdfs free online, regarding intel, communications, etc. I wont tell you how to be intelligent either, theres a few more examples though of how to gain the tools you need to be intelligent.

There are no pirates in EVE. There is a thin line between a pirate and privateer, but the ‘pirates’ in EVE more closely resemble Reavers:

“However, the remaining 0.1% (“a tenth of one percent”) of the population had the opposite reaction, with their aggression and primal instincts boosted beyond simple madness into murderous rage, sadism and savagery.”

Compare this to the generally accepted version of piracy:

1: an act of robbery on the high seas: an act resembling such robbery"
2: robbery on the high seas"

There’s no piracy in ganking - only griefing. If players truly wanted to be pirates they’d ransom them.


It is quite common for freighters to be ransomed, especially during the peak hours of EVE when the bumpers can have multiple targets lined up (having a mining permit can actually be the difference between being the primary target or the backup target). Funnily how anti-ganking claims to be " protecting" the freighters. They discourage freighter pilots from ransoming themselves, but you can always see them trying to scavenge whatever little loot and salvage there is left after a successful gank.

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More often than not, players are ransomed, ransomed again, bled white and then ganked. That’s akin to Somali pirates blowing up the oil and cargo tankers and sending to the bottom, then returning to port for the LOL’s.


You’ve conveniently forgotten about the loot scoopers. Even at around 50% drop rate, a good gank will pay for the fleet. If that’s not piracy, what is it?

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That’s shooting the oil tanker, watching it sink then trying to recover what oil is left on the surface.

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Being -10 is not really an issue in highsec. Faction police is easily evadable in almos any sec (bear in mind that battleships will have it harder, but who does that anyway :smirk: ) and even moving a hauler is doable, because 90% of the population in highsec ignore it.

You can easily evade the faction police just zooming around in a high speed frigate.

Might not be so easy at a tradehub in higher level systems. : - )

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Spotted the backwards person who still believes every ganker must be a griefer.

Drink rum and fly shitfaced.
If you get your hand amputated and replaced with hook you get bonus points for looks.

But seriously its just crimewatch, CONCORD law being broken, in extreme cases many times so then you are an outlaw. Have to make alts for accessing high sec, alternatively can buy sec status, or farm it. Or just try to avoid the law eforcement units…

Oh there is…

What an anti-sandbox player would say

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And let’s not forget @Faylee_Freir

I tried solo pirating in low sec, mainly attacking explorers as they’re usually unarmed and can potentially carry alot of loot.

The isk/hr is very low. You do it mainly for fun/hr. I haven’t tried high sec “piracy” but I assume it’ll provide better isk/hr.

Unless you are mentally ill and fixated on money or tears …
… you will find it rather equal to mining.

Unless you are not like the casuals and low lifes and actually roam space …
… instead of having scouts waiting and searching at the gates.

Anything is better than mining even if you’re mentally ill… lol