How to be a pirate for newbies?

hey ho Snow, how are you guys, my question is, how to be a pirate? I know that there are several jobs to be done in this universe, I want to know if it is possible to be nothing more than a pirate along with my friends? thank you

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Sail to the Caribbean and get enlisted :slight_smile:
Honestly: Try to meet experienced “Pirates” (PvP pros in according corps) and learn from them. Just like they did 1649 in Port Royal…

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It’s possible, but hard, as you have to compete with other pirates about the best loot and prey. Most people in EvE do some other stuff to earn the ISK they burn in PvP. The best PvPers in the sense of “pirates” live in lowsec, so seek out for mentors there …

Almost anything is possible in New Eden.

When it comes to piracy in Eve you have to first decide what type of pirate you want to be.

First, there is the lowsec pirate, also known as the ‘faux’ pirate, who spends their time shooting anything that moves in low security space looking for fun fights. They brag about their low security status, and often talk like a pirate might, but for them it is more about the pirate lifestyle and posing rather than actual piracy.

Then you have the ‘real’ pirate for lack of a better term. The player who makes a living preying on other players and taking their stuff. They sometimes don’t have negative security status (although they often do) and usually operate in highsec where most of the accessible player wealth is.

To meet the first type, I suggest you fit out a frigate and head into lowsec. Much sooner than later one of them will find you and shoot you. Give them the precocious newbie act and they will fall all over you trying to recruit you. To get in with the second type, join the ‘Minerbumping” channel (password: 315) and start talking about what you want to do. Or just drop me a line in game and I will try to put you in touch with someone who is compatible with your interests.


Thank you very much, comrade, I will be in touch as much as possible, see you fly safe


To clarify Black Pedro’s definitions;

You are probably looking for what he refers to ‘faux’ piracy in lowsec, this is the true piracy and usually takes a good amount of real (And sometimes character) skill to be good at as you usually operate in small gangs where every fleet member matters. Kills generally feel more rewarding as they take work and skill to achieve. Although I will say that its usually not profitable, its more for fun and is what keeps many in the game. We usually have other things to pad our wallets.

What he refers to as ‘true’ piracy is a joke, I guess that by definition it is a form of piracy, but its quite lackluster. It involves sitting around highsec waiting for your fleet commander to tell you to press F1 on a specific freighter thats hauling more than they should be.

If it’s not profitable it’s not piracy. As a few clever dudes have already pointed out, most people don’t make enough from piracy to support their losses. These people aren’t pirates, they are day trippers at best. There’s nothing wrong with that essentially but you must bare the difference in mind when deciding what you want to do. If you want to make ISK doing it, things will be harder but you’ll be well qualified to look down your nose at killmail hoarding “pirates” who have to run a mining alt to stay in ships. Get hold for a chat one day if you want.


“We” are a successful for profit, HS, pirate corporation, and have been in operation for nearly 5 years now. It was a bit of a rough start, but once we got our legs underneath us we haven’t looked back. We specialize in hitting small targets, usually solo, as opposed to freighters or transports.

I think your answer was for OP … it’s difficult to live only from PvP. I was trying this once (true) solo for 6 months, living from lowsec and WH/Thera kills. It barely broke even. It’s not that much fun, because sometimes you just want to go yolo without thinking about the ISK. Industry and market make me more ISK today than I ever can spend on subcap stuff.

Yeah sorry I had started by quoting your point about not making a lot of ISK then decided I didn’t need the quote but forgot to reset the reply to OP :slight_smile: For sure actual piracy is harder but in my experience all the more rewarding as a result. I’d add that real pirates of old really preferred not to fight at all if they could help it. Similarly in EvE the big bucks aren’t necessarily just from selling the modules or cargo of your prey, but rather other income streams that open up once you have a bit of piracy background. Many ships of old would pay off pirates before even leaving dock. Gudfites are gud, but pirates have never been the least bit interested in a fair fight because fair fights are often expensive :smiley:


Actual pirates are in it for the profit and possibly blingy loot, they’re not necessarily looking for kills just for the heck of it. This can be done in low sec but, as stated above, the true pirate goes where the wealth and stupidity is; high sec.

Fake pirates care about being -10 and killing people, preferably in low sec next to starter or career systems and whenever possible in Caldari low sec, so they can get those dank Ibis kills.

Most obvious types of profitable pvp:
Mission busting
wardeccing for profit (currently not a thing any more)

An easy entry for this is ninja salvaging, this is doable for an eager fledgling pirate and is decent income with the added bonus of hate mail and “my friend is a GM and he’ll ban you” threats rage.

Nice pictures we have here, he-he :wink:

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