Pirate question

how viable is a new character to be a pirate what’s the entry level requirements?

Are you talking about player piracy shooting other ships for loot, or doing PvE in Pirate Nullsec Space, or Pirate Faction Warfare?

i would say player piracy in low an null i have ben away for a while but isn’t pirate space in null mostly just null sec living just less “safe” pockets like you would have in a mega corp?

Several new player pirate ideas:

  • Hunting explorers looking for relic sites
  • Hunting ventures huffing gas clouds or mining in belts or anomalies (beware +2 innate warp core stab)
  • Running a cheap annoying cruiser with AB to steal ESS from sov null (filaments can help)

Pirate ideas less accessible to rookies:

  • Gate camping
  • Midwarp smartbombing
  • Station camping
  • Structure bashing

Things that pretty much require group play or expensive fits or lots of accounts:

  • Wardecs
  • Lancing Jump Freighters
  • WH evictions

The newbie friendly stuff is less profitable especially early on while you are learning (it probably won’t be profitable). My go to suggestion is to find a corp doing the activity you are interested in and join them (beware „we do everything“ corps they are a trap).


would you say faction warfare is a good way to learn PvP or is it ever gimmicky?

With the right corp or mentor anything you do may be good at learning certain kinds of PvP. The unique parts of FW mean some tactics specifically work well there and not other places. Also may occasionally bump into solo non-multiboxers if that’s appealing.

However, common in FW is a „farming“ mentality where people are there notionally for the fights but in reality to just sit in a PLEX and get LP and only play pretend they are into PvP. So avoid that trap.

Depends on what type of piracy you want to get into.