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I was wondering i have done lots of different things in eve but was wondering if it was possible to become a pirate on a new character so i don’t mess up my mains standings. I know skills will help but would and corps invite a fresher account? Also i was noticing alot of the post i saw were for faction warfare pirate corps. how is that different then faction warfare?

There are corps thst accept fresh new accounts. I would suggest you create a referral link so you can use it on your separate account to get 1 mil sp.

There is no standing concern about being a pirate, standing only matters for NPC relations. Security status is what you lose if you engage players “illegally” in low or highsec. With the consequence of being limited in highsec operations. But you can fix it if needed with tags.

Joining FW (this is not piracy) may effect standing due to promotions only, if you only do PvP. Check out the eve uni pages, they have everything what you need to know.

FW is a war between the NPC factions where you participate shooting the other side, and defending your own. Piracy is, just shooting everyone. :smiley: Pirates tend to live/roam in FW areas, because lots of targets.

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