Searching to join a pirate Corp

Hey, I’ve played EVE online for some time and I would like to join a pirate corp, does anyone know a experienced pirate corp in the US that I can join to, I speak fluent english and spanish,


Check the recruitment section of the forums.

Just be careful, pirates life is a hard one.

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The thing is about pirating/PvP is that to be honest, it isn’t really sustainable unless you do FW or PvP only with cheap ships, you will need a different way of getting money to be able to keep running.

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Pirating means different things to different people, but to take a common example - ganking ships for fun and profit - is very sustainable, even when big toys are used. There are quite a few pirate groups that use very expensive toys such as blops and capitals etc. . . Since they pick and choose their targets, they rarely lose ships, consequently loot from your kills is usually more then sufficient to keep you going although almost everyone does something on the side for more isk, e.g. ratting, industry, etc. . .

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