Is low sec piracy still alive? Looking for a home

Hey all

So after a long break I’m🥳 thinking about coming back to play and will love looking for a home.

Since I last played alot of things have changed and Fw is now a thing which includes pirate factions but is Low sec pirating still a thing or has the game changed to a point that this is now not needed and people would rather play Fw.

Is FW viable for low sec fights and the preferred way of now looking for fights and would this be the preferred way for me to go?

Any feedback or advise would be welcome and if nay pirate corps are recruiting please let me know.

Hey, FW Is a thing. I believe it’s developed in a good way. We sometimes gank in FW LS. However, Were a WH corp ourselves. C2 with a HS and C3 static. Look us up in game:- Chat channel is WI Barracks