Beating Cancer - A Celebration Event

Hello everyone!

I’m TK of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. Recently we received news that one of our Black Jackets (Aythes Firn) has successfully won their fight against cancer! This is amazing news!

In honour of beating cancer I am organising this little event. There really isn’t much to it.

On the 26th December at roughly 23:00 Eve Time I will be un-docking from Lasleinur VI - Moon 15 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory in a Rorqual. (If you give me chance I will move it to Planet one in order to avoid sentries for everyone)

I invite as many people as possible to come down and blow it to smithereens!

Whoever gets the final blow will receive 1 billion ISK.

Please spread the word, I would love to see as many people as possible coming down and showing their support for our brother beating cancer by blowing this Rorqual away.

I have no real control over this part because free will and all that Jazz but since we are essentially celebrating the continuing life of one of our members I would very much like for everyone to come down in Rifters for this event.

I’ll be videoing the entire thing and adding it to YouTube as well so a lasting record of the celebration will exist.

I hope to see you there!

Let’s get as many Rifters on this Kill Mail as possible!

Please share this post with your friends.


All the best to your friend and recovery against cancer. This is a nice gesture!

CONGRATS to the capsuleer who beat cancer!

This sounds like a blast, I’ll try to bring some of my Dirt ‘n’ Glitter nerds to help celebrate.

This is great!

I’m very happy to hear of the conquering of cancer! To many more long years! I look forward to seeing you guys!

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