Been away for years

Hi all

I have been away from the game for years now and was wondering if scanning mission runners and nicking their stuff is still a viable option?

Can this be done in the Alpha clone?


Do you need to have a full account to take advantage of full ship fitting? I suppose all I need is a scan probe, cloak and mwd

Sorry if my information is lacking, I’m extremely rusty

Yes, but some mission objectives (Reports, Damsel) now automatically appear on mission completion - so you can’t as easily ‘nick’ these. Wrecks and cargo containers are still fair game, though - and Alphas now have an expanded skill base (20m SP if I recall) and can even run Tech 1 Battleships.

Alphas can’t use cloaks but the rest is doable.

Though you have to use daily alpha “injectors”, regular skill injectors or PLEX your account to train beyond the base ~5 mil SP alpha limit (up to the expanded alpha limit of ~20 mil SP).

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