New Alpha player looking for

…someone to show him the ins and outs of high-sec hauler ganking for profit. I don’t have much time to play atm, bcs of real life so I figured that’s the way for me to go to make money fast and save up for future days when I ll have more time. Atm I can fly a catalyst for that purpose, with lvl1 stuff so I would like to start with lvl 1 haulers until my skills get better.


Well for a start you need a spotter and a hauler.

Spotter scans potential targets cargo/fit
Hauler picks loot drop

So you cant really do it solo on an alpha toon unless you have two laptops and a desktop (example)

You can sometimes cut the spotter out.

Having done suicide ganking in the past i wouldnt say it was really worth it without a crew to work with, and i detested sitting on gates for so long. Sometimes you get lucky but playing solo or with one other guy you could be waiting over a week for a profitable target, spending maybe 2 or 3 hours waiting.

You could possibly find a crew like code but dont think you will be making profits from it.

In my opinion, which probably doesnt count for much here i must admit; your better off training some probing skills and risking low/nullsec for relic hunting or simply running missions when you have the time. Others will state you should train for a vni and head to nullsec where its ‘dank’ isk in a safe environment; which is kinda true in some areas or if you keep your eyes open.

Im not a keen nullsec ratting person. To be honest im just not keen on ratting anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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