Alpha options for combat anomolies

What ships are able to fit a probe launcher + normal fitting to scan down and run combat sites? Caldari, missiles, Hi-sec only for now. I’d like to be able to run all the sites I come across and the 4/10 DED escalations that come with it. Played yeaaars ago when alpha wasn’t a thing so I have an account with a Raven (other char on that account has an Apoc or Abby (whatever the large blaster BS is) and I don’t see why alpha can train up to like BS 4 when you can’t really do anything with BS as alpha outside fleet pvp or something yea? You could run 3’s but I feel it would still be faster in a BC instead…

I ultimately want to end up with the Gila since it seems to be the jack-of-all-trades but need a starting point. And yes, I’m well aware of ‘no you need to move into lowsec/nullsec’ I just don’t want to right now. I want to get my training where I want it and the funds going before I do that.

Check out Dad Dex’s alpha guides playlist. I’m not sure if he has exactly what you’re looking for, but he does have various alpha fits for various sites.

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The concern I would have using a published fit is they will need to be revisited in light of the 20% resistance nerf. There is no reason why you need to use the same ship for scanning and running a site - if you do the best option is probably the Stratios though it’s on a different skill path.

Alphas were allowed to run level 4 missions for a while but then the bots came along and spoiled the party.

Drake, fit as you usually would but with a prober in utility high. Might get away with a caracal too, simply carry a mobile depot and launcher, swap when you need to… though caracal wont run a ded 4/10 i think?

Scanning with your combat fit allows you to scan, then warp to the site and complete it. Then go to the next system and keep repeating. Scanning a site, going to dock, swapping ships, going to the site is time consuming and boring as hell. Not to mention nobody wants to constantly do that. Do you want to go 6 systems out to scan something only to come back 6 systems to dock, get into a combat fit, then go 6 systems over and potentially have someone else finish the site?

Sucks bots have to ruin everything. They really need to revise battleships in alpha skillplans though. New players come in, see a big ship they can fly, skill to it only to realize they really can’t do much with it and quit playing.

Not Caldari, sorry, but I remember enjoying my time in a Stabber for just this very purpose. You can both scan and run these sites flying a cheap, regular Stabby. Fit for range control and kite away.

Nope, few people if any want to do that. That’s why carrying a mobile depot is a thing.

Was this before the 15th of this month? I assume things are a bit more technical with 3% resists across the board :smiley:

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