Been out the game a while, what happened to walking in stations?

As the title says, I miss looking at that door wondering what was on the other side… I still to this day wonder…

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Everyone who was interested in it left the game for a while, or longer. Under 5% of players ever used it.

CCP removed it because it was badly implemented to begin with, and they never took it anywhere, and it never even fit the needs of the game in any rational manner. Waste of resources to put it in, waste of resources to maintain it, waste of resources to take it out - but that’s the CCP design approach for you.


They were not interested in updating it.

The usage wasnt so important, I remember similar amount of people used wormholes, their own statistics.

They went 64 bit and some tech was old so they got rid of it. There were no coders that could maintain it. They did keep it until that 64 bit overhaul time, technical and maintenance reasons made them remove it eventually.


A feature most decent game programmers wouldn’t break a sweat to code right to keep it in, but CCP got too lazy and used the “underused” argument, along with a mass of sad individuals and killjoys using that same argument, to take it down.

Personally I thought it could have added a new level of social interaction instead of a simple late 90’s style chatbox, and seeing as 80% of the time people shipspin in stations anyway, it would not have hurt to be walking around and chatting to docked randoms at the station bar.

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EVE is a game about ships in space, not playing Barbie dress-up in stations…


It’s also about the social interactions with people in space with spaceships.


Do you like social interactions?


I’m kind of bummed that it went away because it was fun to let my mind wonder while intoxicated and station trading, but I don’t find myself missing it all too often. Would have been cool if it got nested into the game but oh well.

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It has certainly been a while. I hope you will be posting some of your skillfully crafted and humorous trolls again.

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Leave it to CCP to even fsck that up.

It wouldn’t have done any of that because there’s nothing to do in a fake bar. People would do it once or twice to see the shiny new thing, realize that there’s no substance to it, and go back to spending their docked time mostly ignoring EVE while doing something else in another window. The number of people who would have any interest in using the feature permanently would be small, and most of them would drop it once the majority stops using it and there’s hardly anyone in the bar to talk to. So why invest development time in such a low-value feature?


This feature has been moved to Second Life

WiS, what a laugh, not only did it get canned, they issued duplicate versions of the limited NEX items and they plummeted in value just to add more salt as they do with “limited” editions they tend to find more of behind the sofa and dump the market

Well they never actually added any gameplay or actual to it beyond that you can look at yourself and walk around a bit, but where still puzzled why no one was using the thing. So instead of adding something that made it useful they just trashed it.

CCP Falcon once even gave me a forum warning just because I mentioned that.

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Meanwhile nearly every new space game gets some sort of legs, in eve its just… well…

BTW Star Citizen free to play for a week starts now.

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I’ll check star citizen out in 2027 beta

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Uh-oh…NickyYo is back…

Well, anyway:

I didn’t miss it, character movement was awkward and clumsy, the screen advertised gambling at one point, which I made a complaint to CCP about due to the age that you can play the game.

To be fair it was more fun spinning a ship than walking around the cabin.

It died because a 3d chat room is a pointless waste of development time.

Dev time that would have taken 2 years FYI, and 90% of the dev team, leaving the remainder to do minor bug fixes.

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