Beginner solo piracy question

In my own defense though, for not forming emotional bonds with people in games like Eve; half the time you don’t even know who is who. Eve is the worse. With all the clones and the alts, and the omega account multi-boxing. There was a guy in local the other day he had the entire star trek crew as alts logged in at once. It was nuts. How do you know who is who? who is real?

It gets pretty crazy. Sometimes easier just treat all of you as NPCs…no offense…

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Trust is the most precious and rare commodity in Eve. And yet, Eve is known for creating real friendships that may span decades. From experience, joining a good corp is key (you’ll find out about people’s alts over time), and at the very least get on voice comms. Since you miss all the non-verbal communication, unless one is a camera addict, that’s all you really have to go on that comes close to real world personal interaction. Doing stuff together repeatedly, from successes to complete failures, collaborating on demanding tasks etc, helps with the process. And as in real life, you need to get a bit lucky to meet the right people.

On a higher level, where it concerns corp/alliance assets, somewhere between total trust and deep paranoia is a healthy balanced point, a point that shifts depending on roles you have in an Eve organization (and a possible target for enemy spy/saboteur activity).

That’s a healthy mindset where it concerns pvp, btw. :grin:

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The “be naive content”-bait: For me the avatar doesn’t make any difference. I check the corp, the killboard and the age. When a char was killed 10 times that way, there’s obviously something wrong. But if it’s the first or second time, I’m happy to pay a newbro a new Heron and add some starter ISK. So just type “thank you” and everything’s fine, both are happy.

And much later, while randomly browsing through my zkillboard history, I remember that char and check for activity. An recently active killboard makes me smile, because I supported an active char in the early days. 20m-50m ISK for a new player is huge, and I remember to be supported this way, too, after my first loss in Lowsec.

Edit: BTW being killed 20 times brings you some AIR points, so some chars show a weird playstyle anyway. Most players are happy to help in this case :wink:

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Thanks Pierre. It is an interesting play style in that it requires you to be highly interactive with others. Which is a good exercise for me, but probably for everyone. And lets face it; the person gets a killmail, I get some isk…we all win in the end. They had a good time…that’s all that matters to a girl.

Of course. But at the same time, one of EVE’s unique strengths is that being a “bad guy” isn’t just about wearing a different team’s colors. It’s not Alliance vs. Horde, Terrorists vs. Anti-terrorists, Empire vs. Rebels, it’s your actions and their impact on others.

We are bound by different laws, the eula is law.

Sure, that’s why I say it’s all fair game. Probably doesn’t make it sting any less when a corpmate you thought was your pal steals all corp assets, accumulated over months or years of play and helps another corp tear down your citadels. Be aware of the impact you may have and accept it.

I have never placed myself in financial positions where losing a virtual item, would cause me any mental anguish.

That’s very good, not everyone is this wise however. Sometimes it’s just lack of experience with the game.

And I’ll be honest: even losing cheap ships I can afford to replace in droves stings a bit every time, particularly if I did something stupid. But it motivates me to get better and makes the successes all the sweeter.

If your ship or station gets blown up and it causes you actual, in the real world harm, you probably need to throw your laptop in the river.

EVE isn’t for everybody and I agree at some point you need to take a deep breath, go touch grass and rethink if you’re really enjoying the game.

At the same time, it’s not like people don’t ragequit but then calm down, harden the ■■■■ up and return stronger, attempting to learn from their mistakes. I wanted to give up once or twice too and I’m glad I didn’t.

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I don’t think I am trying to be a bad guy. I am doing things I would never do in real life I guess. I love these games because it sometimes allows you to set things in motion, and you can see what happens, but instead of using computer generated AI npcs, I can experiment with real people. That’s super fun, and I am sure it is like that for everyone.

I like to see what happens if you introduce a different variable into a system. A couple of days ago I was in Crielere, and was in system while Safety Set To Red slaughtered a Gila at a gate. This person got very very upset. Explained how this Gila took weeks to buy etc etc. but they wouldn’t pop her capsule. She was begging to be murdered so she would be in home station, but they wouldn’t kill off the prey. When you down an animal, you put it down.
I was going to try and steal SS2R loot, but instead I thought; " Wonder what happens if I zip in there and pop her capsule?"

Long story short; I am no longer allowed in Miroitem, and LuckyZoe and I are now happily engaged.

Eve is just a crazy place…

I guess that is what makes real-currency games so much better than sub games. In Warcraft, you grief someone, they go repair for 20 gold coins or w/e In Eve, that person might have spent $20 on that spaceship, so the psychology of it all is much more interesting. You get to see real pain, real fear, real joy.

Anyways. Might as well shut down the thread here. I needed to get my message out there and I did.

Thanks everyone so much!

Have a nice day, and see you in Hikkoken!

Edit: in case its not obvious for some: Thanks Aiko!

Final edit vis-a-vis your title of today’s blog “I’m the best”…not even close girl…not even close…

Will do definitely, BR is more or less my home region. What char I have to look out for the greetings part?

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U one of the good ones Tipa. I will find ya.

I too live in Black Rise, so I’m sure we’re bound to bump into each other. Have fun out there.

A quote for your departing thoughts:

„They say New Eden is almost completely full of honest people, but I think it’s completely full of almost honest people“ - Aura

I don’t think it’s a problem to play EvE while being honest even as a pirate. You can speak with your setup and weapons, and later talk frankly.

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