Bellicose PVP in FW Lowsec with HAMs

What are some good Bellicose fits for FW Lowsec? I am looking for a good solo fit that can hold its own against cruisers and assault frigates, as well as the new Navy Destroyers.

I am familiar with the shield paint variant, the XLASB paint variant, the dual armor rep variant, the armor plate dual web paint one, and the dual LASB one (which sucks, btw). Any other ideas?

Those are all pretty good fits. The belli is really good at punching down as well.

RLMLs feel dishonorable to me. RHMLs are fine because battleships are an oppressed class, but I wanna see more HML, HAM, Torp, and Cruise fits that are good for solo, outside of the battlecruisers of course.

Polarized HAM OsNI when?

waaaaait a second…
Can I do a polarized HAM Bellicose with LSEs, MWD+web+TP+disruptor (either oonly 1 LSE or drop the web)?

Sounds horrible. I wanna try it.

Dishonor? No ways.

Flying in belli alone already nets you honor points.

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