Armor missile boats

Anyone have any good setups for an armor/HAM bellicose or caracal navy issue? I’ve been poking at some setups in-game but i haven’t really taken one out in years. Anyone have any success/horror stories about armor fitting missile ships?

Bellicose and Caracal are both a couple of Shield boats.

try the sacrilege, it’s an armour missile boat

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You can actually set up a Scythe Fleet issue with cap injection that can be dual-prop, web, scram, and utility med neut on top of 4 RLML and the armor tank. If you go HAMs you will have to drop the neut to a small because of power grid. HAM route also doesn’t really have the option to run a plate setup without some serious trade offs, also because of power grid.

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depends on what you’re looking for:

  1. do you want ships with bonuses to both armor and missiles?

R// Khanid ships (Amarr T2) follow that route. so there’s Malediction, Vengeance, Heretic, Anathema, Curse, Sacrilege and Damnation. no Khanid Battleships for Amarr T2 yet tho.

  1. do you want ships that can armor tank decently while bonused for missiles?

R// Minmatar has some ships that have a missile bonus and lean more towards armor. the Typhoon is the best example but not all of them follow the same pattern.

there’s also the SoCT ships with its “Swiss Army Knife” approach which means they have the potential to be missile platforms with actual damage bonus while having a good amount of mids for application and tackle/prop and enough lows for a proper armor tank.

  1. do you want ships that can go armor and missiles but dont have bonuses for either?

R// Amarr droneboats. the Prophecy is an exception to this rule with its 4% armor resist bonus. outside of it all of them have a leaning for armor tanking and can put launchers as support for the drones.

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Raven with 1600 plate is fun. Or atleast was. Not sure how it has changed during the years. Anyway, you can fit a missile boat in such way that you pick your fights with an enemy who clearly doesn’t suspect that.

For example if one roams in nulsec and spots a Raven at asteroid belt it most likely makes the assumption that it’s ratting raven.

But with 1600 plate Raven can fit neuts, scram, point, grabler, MWD/AB… It can be tricky, but cruiser sized target can be stopped and Raven will orbit it at safe distance and eat it alive even with out BCU’s.

We used to do this with armor RRBS fleets. Shield battleships were fitted with 1600 plate and trimarks, and all kinds of ewar and tackling mods.

In EVE online it’s not the defences that count.

It’s how you apply your damage and how you project the incoming damage.

If you can maximize the effective damage that you deal on your opponent and minimize the incoming effective damage, then you will win.

SOCT ships are a pretty solid choice in general, but i’m mostly looking at cheap t1/faction ships that aren’t normally used in that capacity. The ‘surprise’ factor is a good way of getting fights, but the bellicose in particular is of interest due to the TP bonus making it more valuable as an anti-frigate platform with medium missiles.

I’ve used the prophecy before in that capacity, but it only really seems to work well with medium blasters or rapid lights. I have seen a few RHML armageddons that seemed to fare well, but i keep feeling like i might be missing something in the caldari or minmatar line that would work for this better. Typhoon maybe?

Why would you want to fit a plate on a Caracal?

For the bellicose I would recommend to go to the youtube and search for rhiloads (is the channel name) guide to the bellicose.

Don’t underestimate the police brutality Caracal :wink:

I know of this guy flying Armor tanked Torpedo Typhoons:

But since Romantic Exorcism is a Character of BjornBee the surprise factor might be limited.

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