Best Abyssal Gyro in the Game? Tobias Diamond Roll

Certainly felt nervous dropping this guy in the box, but I think it paid off.


Now that is a module worth looking at.

How much do you want for it? Send me a number.

I haven’t thought of a price for this module, looking for offers. It may end up going to the pilot who can pull it from the flaming wreckage of my Rag.

20B bid mate

No, thank you.

You must have a number in your head

Hot, cold, warm?


A man likes to play games.

30B if you want.

Only if the LootFairy™ :fairy: permits. :smiling_imp:

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Lol, I respect you too much to play games. If I get the Caedes I’m after, maybe you’ll let me fly with you sometime.

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Maybe CCP will introduce a mod that preserves the best item in a loot drop. This piece would likely be it on any ship.

I still have my radio tuned in to your wavelength and look forward to hearing more.

If you think of a number be sure to mail it to me.

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This mod belongs on a Chremoas.

How much?

Or a Rag. I am accepting offers. WTT for Caedes.

Am I right to assume that you are looking for around 150b for this mod? “WTT for Caedes.”

I’m not sure what a Caedes would go for in the current AT ship market. Haven’t seen a transaction on the forums and my own post WTB this ship hasn’t garnered a response.

Assuming that a tobias gyro goes for 8b to 10b, i can’t believe someone can seriously offer to trade a top rolled abyss tobias gyro for a caedes, which in todays market would go for around 150b, depending on seller.

You may need to step down to earth a little.

Meh, I have a use for the mod if no one likes the price. I could see myself adding some isk to my side of the trade, but not a ton. Also, you may want to update your market research. When the Toby gyro is available at all, it goes for more than 8-10 B.