Best Cruiser Class ship type to train up first for pvp?

So what everyone thoughs on the best racial cruiser class to level up to 4/5 and learn a tech 2 weapon system first, in the context of opening up good small gang pvp options?

Caldari probably. Gets you access to the Caracal and Osprey Navy Issue for missile DPS, Blackbird for electronic warfare, Moa for some FW blaster shenanigans, and the Osprey for basic logi.

Training T2 light missiles gives you the ability to use T2 rapid light missile launchers which can be a good option for the Caracal and ONI.

Then later on you can train Gallente cruisers up and gain access to the Gila and Orthrus pirate cruisers which also enjoy using missiles.


I prefer heavy assault missile than rapid light reload time is a pain (brawler moa all the way though)

Current meta T1 cruiser, doesnt matter much. All races have good ships that do very different things. Shield/Amor, Brawl/Kite. Its more what you like to do that should steer you one way or another. Based on desired style a clear choice should emerge.

there is no “best” ship/ race
“it depends”

on your skills, on enemy ship types, on the range etc

so, either you ahve friends to fly with, and you decide first which kind of ships you would like to use, or you level up what you like

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