Best day ever

I flew all the way to buttfunk nowhere (1dq1 or something) and I was on grid with three titans… life goal achieved, (they were sexy). I’m just a sad little person that likes internet spaceships,… and I like my life o7


I feel ya, I flew my first capital few years back. On day one I got hotdopped by 2 titans and about 30 Redeemers…I died, but it was a sight to behold! Even ate one doomsday, but held my ground for another minute or two! :slight_smile:


Gratz on completing an Eve goal.

There’s so many different “Best Day’s” to choose from, I find it tough to pick just one ‘Best day ever’.

After +10 years of playing, I’ve found it’s more about the overall experience and feeling gained by logging in, such as being enjoyable, challenging, learning, exciting, new, etc.

The best content in-game is completing personal goals. That’s the fire that fuels our passion and desire to log in.

Here’s to all our fire’s, may they always and forever burn bright.


You should have been in 9-4R war, there were a thousand of them :smil:


It has encouraged me to leave Jita more than once in a while.

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From goons and circle wars last year, 100+ Titans :laughing:
Sorry quality of picture, but it was a laggy day everything had to be on low


Cool man :+1:

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Another stupid thread with a meaningles goal…

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