Best insurance for quick ISK?

It is explained and understood in the SiSi documentation that if we need ISK, the methodology is to purchase cheap 100.00 isk ships and then buy insurance and self-destruct them.

Are battleships the best bang for the buck? (Pun intended.) Even after selling a chunk of my expensive stuff, I still need to rack up a good chunk of ISK to test something expensive - curious how y’all do it on SiSi.


Capitals. Revelation to be precise.

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vehement insurance is 20bil and its easy to get the bpc for vehement,otherwise max insurancce revelation moros etc.

if you have high bounty fill freighter with plex and kill it using your alt. remember if you have i.1 100mil bounty you get only payout around 10%, to get full payout, die with something with more than 10b of value. so take a battleship fill it with 8 A type energized adaptive nanomembranes and four A type pithum adaptive invulnerability field… take a apocalypse navy issue or armageddon navy issue . put plex in cargo and kill it with alt,cant use friend because you want clai all bounty so do it with alt

dont do that with rorqual or carrier,use only revelation or moros or vehement.

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Thank you so much for the quick responses - much appreciated!

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