Whats the fastest way to get the isk needed for a cruiser

hi, im a new(ish) player and im wondering what the best way to get the amount of isk needed for a cruiser is.
i have trained all the skills needed to the maximum for an alpha clone, and have completed all career paths, the only thing i have not done is the SOE epic arc. thanks.

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PLEX or scam it. Alternately you could work for it, too.

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Missions, exploration, trading.

I’m still going to go with PLEX for $500 Alex.

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Do the SOE epic arc then. Should give you 20-30M ISK if I recall, enough to get a cruiser. Otherwise, the sandbox is open to you. Pick a profession and start at it.

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Well asking around some old grumpy players will probably throw you the isk for a cruiser or 2 (ahem some call it begging )

Another legit way would be to fit a salvaging destroyer and find/team up with an older player doing missions,you can find alot of such players in systems with lvl4 security mission agents .

There are tons of other more elaborate ways but in the end some boil down to how balsy you want to be for example you can probe down those lvl4 mission runners and steal their wrecks,you can stalk around jita and try to grab some loot from a suicide gank,you can scam players,you can do exploration.


ok ill do the SOE arc

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iI dont really know any older players, but begging might work scamming just isnt my thing though

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ok, ill do that, thanks

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Career Agent missions give 5+ million ISK worth of ships and gear. You can repeat them 11 times, by just moving to a different school and asking there. There are 12 schools.

SoE Epic arc gives 10 million. You can repeat it every 3 months, by just asking Sister Alitura in Arnon.

Otherwise, a cruiser is in the 10-20 million ISK range, and that’s a small sum that’s doable even for an alpha character. Go a few star jumps away from the crowded starting zones, so you can find some asteroids, and mine asteroids at 1 million / hour. Find a level 1 agent and do missions. Go into the system where you started, see what guns and ammo they may need, then see if you can find them cheap in Jita or Dodixie and sell them for a markup where the newbies start.

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There is also the question “why do you want a cruiser?”

You clearly haven’t decided on, or mastered some basic methods of making ISK yet. Even by following the sound advice given above, you are in danger of putting all your money into buying this cruiser and thus ignoring the rule that you should only fly what you can afford to lose.

If this cruiser is essential for your next step, maybe it will be worth the risk. If you just want a cruiser because it’s a bigger ship, as yourself first what you will do if someone explodes it five minutes after you undock. (It happens, even in hi-sec).

As @Memphis_Baas suggests, perhaps start smaller and firm up your ISK making with missions or mining in a smaller ship before risking so much on a cruiser. Soon you will be able to buy three or four, and thus risk losing one.


Check out Project Discovery as well. If you have a knack for it, you can make that amount pretty quickly. If nothing else, it’s another revenue stream.

But, I’m also going to second what the others are saying- what is the cruiser for? Why do you want it, and what are you going to do with it?

We’re not saying not to buy it, just to make sure that you are buying it for the right reasons and are not putting all your ISK in one basket. Depending on your answer to that, we may have more advice in ways to prepare for what you are doing beyond just the ship itself.

Also, welcome to EVE :slight_smile:

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I want a cruiser because you can only access abysSal space if you use a cruiser, getting the money for multiple is what Im trying to do

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Your first action in a cruiser will be Abyssal space?

Research well mate. In at the deep end is fine, but it may be full of tears…


Everything about this endeavor screams “nope”, but here’s a couple of links. Note that most of the suggested fits will be expensive. Try anything on the test server Sisi first.

Eve Uni guide

Some suggested fits from INN


Abyssal deadspace is some of the hardest PVE-content in the game. It relies on you knowing the game mechanics well to take full advantage of it. If you don’t manage to run the 3 sites within the timelimit, you WILL lose your ship and pod.

I’d suggest running some missions/anomalies to learn the game-mechanics and to give time for your skills to get high enough that you won’t die instantly.


Hmm, for 2 of the last 3 SOE missions I needed a Cruiser, for it’s quite hard to have enough DPS for Dagan without advanced (>4 weeks :slight_smile: ) skills and knowledge.
But that’s what this mission circle is about. You earn ISK and have to find out how to beat the increasingly stronger opponents. But I’m pretty sure, a cruiser sufficent for Dagan won’t be enough for Abyssal Space.

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Join a rich corp. ISK billionaires fart completely fitted cruisers and battleships all day long, you won’t even have to ask, you’ll be just given a bunch of them.

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Which corp

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Ok, I was just kinda joking when I said that, but not entirely.

Had on over to the recruiting sub forum. Pick wisely and check the corp / alliance killboards before joining, make sure they don’t kill too many of their own other then for pod travel or dueling or taking out a defunct structure or something like that. Basically, any of the mid size to larger corps will hook up new players with skill books and plenty of T1 ships to fly and blow up. Make sure the corp you join meets your criteria, talk to them and do not join right away, take a week or so and be upfront about it. What kind of corp are you looking for ? PvE, PvP ? Which area of space NS, LS, WH ? What timezone and how many people they have online in the timezone you play at. This is very very important, otherwise you may join a corp that will be empty when you play. Do they have a mandatory activity requirement ? Can you meet that requirement ? Make sure you check all that out or you’ll get booted.

My 1st corp I was in was actually small LS corp but had really nice people in it who not just helped me out like this but even gave me 2 months worth of plex to get myself off the ground. In turn, I have done such for other players as well down the line.

On a side note, before venturing out I highly recommend you make some preparations. 1st, make a Caldari alt, keep it alpha, skill it up to fly a Badger, not just the ship but all relevant support skills for it as well jsut train it as high as alpha lets you. Make sure this alt has some basic contract and trading skills too. Park it in or near Jita market but not so you have to use the Perimeter gate, come from some other direction. Keep this alt in an NPC starter corp, do not join player corps on it. Trust me on this, you’ll thank me down the line. And alphas are free so why not ?

2nd thing you can do to get a T1 cruiser fit and runnign is just run security missions. the level 2 missions can be done in T1 destroyers with all level 2-3 skills with ease. The T1 cruiser hulls are super cheap and you can start with a full T1 fit. I remember I used to run cruisers that would cost like 20-30 mil in their entirety because I used to PvP so lose them all the time. Completely disposable ships.

Unlike above I recommend you hold off and wait a little bit with the SOE arc, or at least the final act of it. The final fight requires around 300 DPS to comfortably finish it, you can do it with around 200 but its a PITA, takes long and you can get the loot stolen or someone will come and gank you if you take too long. It can be done in a frigate or destroyer if you have good tank support skills and can speed tank well, or cruiser ideally something like a vexor or caracal.

Other advice I have is don’t just jump into a cruiser with like level 1-2 skills and expect it to perform. It won’t and you will lose it guaranteed. Wait until you have at least lvl 3-4 support skills, that includes all navigation, targeting, weapon and tank support skills etc. Also learn how to manually fly and speed tank, this is very important for cruisers. You can actually learn it best by flying a frigate and doing lvl 2-3 security missions and practice manual closing in and orbiting. Set up your overview on one of the tabs (or add another) so you can see the angular and transversal velocities and watch them and notice the effects it has on gameplay. The reason to start practicing this on frigates is because it is most and immediately noticable on them. Once you get it down, apply what you learned to cruisers. This is very applicable for both PvE and PvP alike.

There is of course a lot more to it all.

So take your time and do it all right, be patient and let those skills train especially the support skills because they apply to all ships you will fly, otherwise you will fall flat on your face.

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